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8 Ways To Relieve Stress


We all face stress through-out the day. From the moment we wake up we’re constantly faced with challenges the day has in store. But it is how we deal with those stresses that will help us to alleviate the problems or heighten them. Here are 8 simple ways to distress.

  1. Take a Bubble Bath: Soft music, incense, and scented candles surrounding your bathtub is great for aromatherapy. Not only is it relaxing it will  certainly help to ease your mind from your day’s troubles.
  2. Temple Massage/Deep Breathes: Currently at the office? How able a 30 second temple massage. A quick massage will help to clear your mind, even for just a moment. And how about a few deep breathes? Believe me it works. You may even try counting to ten when placed in a stressful environment or simply walking away and confront the issue once you’re able to remain calm.
  3. Exercise: Yes, exercise! Getting your blood pumping and releasing endorphins to the brain will give you a burst of energy. Something as simple as a brisk walk can also increase your heartbeat while giving you a workout. You’ll be surprised at the amounts of energy you’ll feel up to 24 hours.
  4. Take A Walk: Something as simple as taking a stroll through the park on a nice day can certainly relieve stress levels. Sometimes reminders of the simple things in life is a great destresser. We often get caught up in our day to day task we forget to have a moment of reflection and take in all that is good. Walking and enjoying the beauty of a serene environment can be a great destresser.
  5. Sleep: You NEED sleep! Getting at least 7 hours of sleep should be sufficient enough to prepare you for a long day ahead. You’ll have plenty of energy to tackle whatever obstacles are thrown your way. Having trouble sleeping. Try meditating before bed, silencing your mind. A “busy” mind can heighten sleep deprivation. You make find tips on how to meditate here, Free Meditations.
  6. Eating Healthy/Eating Frequently: Of course eating healthier is always a good thing to do but eating small meals frequently, through-out the day, helps in lowering your stress levels. Think about it, ever have to eat on the go? Or in a rush? Not very appetizing is it? It also irritates your digestion; not giving your body enough time to process that you’re full or even satisfied before digesting. Eating small meals through-out the day warns off hunger. You won’t have a rushed sense of needing to eat.
  7. Laugh: Have you laughed today? Try it. Laughter is infectious and makes you happy. Happy people attract other happy people and it’s totally a great stress reliever. Here’s a site for reference, Laugh of the Day.
  8. Time Management: Plan ahead. This sounds like a daunting task but believe me planning ahead allows you to avoid the last minute panic of getting something done. Giving yourself enough time to get something done encourages you to work at a pace you’re comfortable with and allows you to do it right the first time. No one likes re-doing something they’ve already done because it was completed in a rush the first time around. Also, writing down your daily tasks will not only help you to remember them but allocate time needed to complete them and do it right.

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