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MiMi Faust Sucker Punch Stevie J Over Silly Joke


Well isn’t this a surprise. We thought MiMi Faust was over “d**k em down” Stevie J for good this time! The two were spotted together recently as they dinned in LA but too bad private eye TMZ caught the sucker punch heard around the world on camera. Although Stevie’s been spotted these last couple weeks in the company of his artist and lover Joseline Hernandez it was MiMi he hung with last night. After a photographer asked who’d win in a fight between a basketball wife and a rapper wife he responded with “MiMi and Joseline” and laughed, but, MiMi didn’t think the remark was funny. She backhanded the producer and proceeded to snatch his cigarette and kept it moving. Stevie’s response? “MiMi would win”. He then added, “It’s the life I live.”

The life indeed. Check it out.

Yes, whack his ass again!

I see this man gets slapped around left and right. Remember Joseline putting that whop ass on him in that couples therapy episode? Not that he doesn’t deserve it and all…

I really don’t know why MiMi Faust waste her time with the man whore! Clearly he’s still winning. He’s got two women who seem to be devoted beyond reason. The saga continues…


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