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Erica Dixon: A Fool In Love, Accepts Lil’ Scrappy’s Proposal And Takes Him Off Child Support


Erica girl! What are you thinking. Rumor has it Erica Dixon accepted a proposal from rapper Lil’ Scrappy during their ‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ reunion taping sometime last week in New York City. Not only did she accept his proposal she also took him off child support for their daughter together, Imani. The same child support order he asked to be taken off prior to breaking up so he could live as a single man enjoying the company of one young lady in particular, Shay aka Buckey of “Flava of Love”.

Ironically, it was just earlier last month that Erica insisted she and Scrappy were over. So, of course, we all want to know what happened and why the change of heart?

Let’s all be honest, Lil’ Scrappy ain’t been hot since never! He had a few singles here and there in the early 2000’s but to call himself the prince of the south is a stretch. In fact, at this point Scrappy is known more for being female rapper Diamond‘s ex-boyfriend after she left him for Soulja Boy. Or maybe even for wanting to “put dem paws on em”. The same paws he couldn’t find when fighting Stevie J but you get my drift.

Erica, you are a beautiful and intelligent woman with so much going for yourself. Why would you want to be scratched up by Scrappy’s paws? Girl, you can do better.

What do you guys think, she did say she would end up with a ring right, but is it worth it?


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  • Sassy24

    I think she can do better, and lol @ scrappy being prince of the south. I remember when he said it, I was like O.0

  • Jeanine

    He didn’t even propose with a ring so she still doesn’t have one if this is true. I hope it’s not because I really thought she was smarter than that.

  • So true. I thought she was smarter too. Him not having a ring makes it even worst!!! Even worst than when Jim Jones proposed to Chrissy by shoving the ring in her face, not even getting on one knee. What’s wrong with these men?! Or worst these women! O_o Crazy………