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Tameka Raymond Releases Personal Statement Over Son’s Loss While Throwing Usher Under A Bus


Last month Usher’s estranged ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, lost 11 year old son, Kile Glover in an unfortunate ski accident.

Although early reports suggested Usher rushed to her aid in her time of need it seems the two are back at odds. Prior to Kile’s tragic death, Usher and Tameka  were caught up in a bitter custody battle over their two young sons.

Tameka has just released an exclusive statement via Ebony on just how she’s feeling over the whole ordeal.

She writes,

To begin, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the countless number of people who opened their hearts, extended their prayers, well-wishes and remained hopeful for my son Kile during the last weeks of his life. I truly believe that he has always been an Angel from birth and the world was just too small to contain a spirit so vast.

I’m thankful and blessed to merely be the vessel that carried him and humbled that God gave him to us to love. I also feel humbled by everyone’s show of concern, and knowing that Kile Glover touched the lives of so many has given me strength during my worst  and darkest hour… Again I THANK YOU ALL!

Sadly, I remain in the unfortunate position of having to respond to and attend court proceedings that were not initiated or begun by me. I did not file this custody case (January 2011) and was content with the ‘joint custody’ arrangement that we share. Most importantly, nor do I wish to appear in court while I am mourning the loss of my son. But I do not want to delay, thus prolong these proceedings either; I’d rather continue this arduous process hoping it will help move me through this most difficult period in my life.

People seem to be privy to only my filed responses as ‘Defendant’ to the initiation of this case (Jan 4, 2011), when I have only been defending myself and protecting the best interests of my children through my counsel. I cannot control how the media reports are written/slanted/spun or even how court documents may be manipulated in their attribution of certain statements as if they are direct “quotes” from me—yet I can control what I actually say myself.

This may sound really cliché but you must NOT believe everything you read or hear and never judge… especially without solid facts, and always, always consider the source. Discernment is key. My boys are my entire world and I will fight tooth and nail to keep all of my sons together as a family, I pray for a swift, peaceful resolution so that we all can move forward.

Again, thank you for your concern, positive energy and hope for my family during this surreal time. There have been times when just the right words, at the right time, have provided me shelter through this storm and I appreciate you all. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

With Love & Light,
Tameka Foster Raymond

Now, although we sympathize with Tameka Raymond there’s just one thing bothersome about this statement…was it necessary to insult Usher?

It’s also been reported that Tameka has released another statement which inclines Usher did not visit her son much in the months leading up to his death or even since their divorce.

But did it occur to her that although they can’t stand each other, hence him keeping his distance, he may genuinely be sorry and empathetic over Kile’s death.

This statement, does not in any way, make Tameka Raymond look good. In fact,i t makes her appear petty and bitter over her divorce and loss. And well we get that she’s hurt. And frankly we don’t know what happened in their marriage but releasing a statement such as this one so soon after burying your child reeks of  resentment.

I believe sometimes tragic things happen in life to teach people valuable lessons in life. Tameka may have missed one important lesson, letting go of all the hurt, anger, and pain she’s harboring. And in this case your ill will towards your ex-husband and all he may have done to you. Your son’s memory deserves more and is worth more. Tameka girl let it go. It didn’t work and it may have even been his fault but let it go!!


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