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When Growing Up Is Hard To Do: “Packing Four Years In Four Boxes”


“Packing Four Years In Four Boxes” By: Dee Rene
via LaughCryCuss.com

What a clusterfuck.

My head hurt from so much crying and yelling. One by one, the threads of my life and hope were unraveling like the hem of a skirt. I felt exposed, vulnerable, broke  and ashamed.

I feared being just another hyped up fairy tale failure banished to the lands of dreams deferred.

Despite my best efforts to be a grown up, I found myself two days before vacating my apartment crying and screaming pressed against the bedroom door.

Running down the list of everything that went wrong would only make me scream again so I’ll just leave it at everything that could go wrong – went wrong. How do I get me, my stuff and my sanity from A to B with less than half of the original resources I anticipated having? In a car the size of a baby turtle and 4 boxes I could ship?

When I saw the unraveling beginning, I told myself it was going to work out. It’s going to be okay. Trust the process. God wouldn’t take you somewhere without giving you a means to get there. Yada yada yada

The adages and scriptures echoed in my mind as I numbly repeated them realizing time slipped through my hands like sand and pressures were unmovable concrete.

At this point I was tired of the “getting there.” I just wanted to BE there and be enjoying it – preferably with a mimosa.

Right on time the universe decided to be hilarious. My daily devotional’s title read “The greater the opportunity, the greater the opposition.”

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