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Chris Brown Responds to Frank Ocean Gay Remarks Controversy


Over the weekend, many media outlets reported that Chris Brown made insulting remarks in regard to a gay Frank Ocean.

Reportedly, during his recent trip to Cannes, France Breezy said “no homo” when asked about the fellow singer.

It’s noa secret the two exchanged words on Twitter earlier in the year at a time when Brown was also beefing with Frank’s label mate and friend Tyler The Creator.

Here’s what the Chris Brown tweeted in response to all the negativity.

Reports have also surfaced that the footage in question is an old video of Chris where the comment was made but not in reference to Frank.

There you have it folks. Let it go!

There’s a very good reason we stayed away from this story. We often mock celebs, perpetuate gossip, but falsifying statements for entertainment purposes is wrong, public figure or not.

Don’t get us wrong Chris Brown gets himself in enough trouble but this was wrong! Let the man live.


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