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Celebrity Letters: Kristen Stewart


Dear Kristen Stewart,

You’re an idiot!

You had it all.

In 2008 your career was catapulted into super stardom when you co-starred in the massive phenomenon that was ‘Twilight’. With its success, the movie franchise became one of the biggest to date. And nothing was sweeter than meeting the handsome British actor Robert Pattinson. Although you were involved at the time, it was clear you were smitten with the actor. How could you not be, millions of girls and women were too. He’s young, talented, pined after, with a great sense of humor and seemingly down to earth.

At first we got it. Super stardom wasn’t for you. It took you a while to fully grasp that you were a star. You’ve shunned the spotlight, have been pretty private about your personal life but it didn’t take long for you to realize, despite the massive media attention the both of you would garner, you and Pattinson were just meant to be.

Alas a real-life “Bella and Edward” romance.

Three years later you guys are still going strong. Just when we thought you were finally starting to get the hang of what it meant to be a star and you weren’t so awkward, after all, you had to go and f–k it up, didn’t you?!!

You cheated!!!! How DUMB.

Not only did you cheat. The affair was made public by your lack of effort to, at least, cheat behind closed doors! And you were caught by the paparazzi of all people! Making out with your “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders? Like really are you that stupid?!! In public?! Earth to Kristen Stewart, you’re an A list actress who gets photographed every time you walk out the door!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Rupert Sanders is MARRIED with, not one, but TWO KIDS!

Did I already say you’re an idiot? If not, here goes. You’re an IDIOT!! This reeks of self sabotage. If you wanted your relationship to end so bad, it’s called breaking up!

Your pitiful PUBLIC apology was also not warranted. You’ve been pretty private in your personal life and you decided to confirm you affair in a very public apology? It wouldn’t have been all that bad if your boyfriend (Robert Pattinson) had a clue. How dare you let him find out about your indiscretions through a tabloid only to rub salt on his wound with a public apology? Not only are you stupid you’re a moron!

God bless you when the Twi-hards are through. It’s sad to say they were right. You weren’t good enough for Robert. It’s sad to know that he was planning on proposing very soon. Aggghhhh my heart hurts for Rob.

Now he’s move out of your love-nest and you’re left alone. Kristen, we don’t care, you deserve it!

And the affair you call a fleeting moment, (WTF does that mean anyway?!) is now said to have begun last year while filming for Snow White? Not only are you a cheat but you’re a liar!

Kristen Stewart you’ve been branded the stupidest celebrity of 2012. You’re an idiot!!!

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