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[Throwback Fridays] Montell Jordan: “This Is How We Do It” (He’s Not Dead!!)


Today’s featured artist goes to Montell Jordan! The year was 1995 when Montell burst onto the scene with hit single “This Is How We Do It”.

To be frank guys, at the time, this song really irked my nerves. Although, it was catchy and fun to dance to by the end of summer in 95 it was played so much it was road kill! It wasn’t until Twitter killed off Montell last night (*sigh*, why ya’ll do that?) that I remembered the impact he had on music, if even for a short time.

The song was infectious! It had everyone doing the bankhead bounce, tootsie roll (butterfly), or whatever you felt like doing. Jordan was the first male artist to have his debut single go #1 upon its release. The accomplishment wasn’t made again until Chris Brown’s 2005 hit, “Run It”. Let’s go back to 1995 so Montell can show us just how he does it.

*Note:* Montell Jordan is very much alive and well. In response to his death report he tweeted, “Sorry to disappoint… But I’m a new daddy and still got a lot of living to do! @cnn.com #notmytimeyet pic.twitter.com/CNenky0P. My son just told me I can’t be dead because I’m sitting here talking to him… It kinda sucks to have to be dead to trend. I’m gonna play a family game now. Please don’t kill me again. Although I have tried to make light of this hoax, my family was pretty shook.”

Poor thing!

In 2010 Montell left the music industry for good when he became a born-again Christian. He currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and four children. He is now a Worship Minister at Victory World Church where he continues to perform with the church band.


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