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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Sex Education 101”


The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Sex Education 101” Written By: Dee Rene

I wonder what it’s like to bend her over.

Jason adjusted in his seat as the Leslie, the newest graduate assistant for his anatomy course, prepared to lead the lecture today.

Leslie wore one of those new skirts women are wearing that come high up above their waist and hugged each and every curve. Although she didn’t have much in the cleavage department, her thick thighs and round backside made up for it all. She was deep chocolate and he wondered was if her juices tasted like a Hershey bar.

While she began her lecture, all he could think about was her lips and what they must feel like. Needless to say he didn’t get one note taken down in the whole lecture or the one from the day before, or the day before that. He only snapped back into reality when Professor Johnson stood 20 minutes before the end of lecture and announced a pop quiz.


A week after the quiz, Jason got an e-mail to come meet about his poor performance on the quiz. It wasn’t like him and his professor was concerned that he seemed to not be paying attention lately.

Well you shouldn’t have brought in the Jet beauty of the week to help assist the class.

Jason swallowed his pride and went to meet with Professor Johnson the next day.

He passed through the first part of the office waiting area and then into Professor Johnson’s back office. Leslie greeted him with a big smile. She was in a sundress that clung loosely to her hips.

“Umm, I’m supposed to be meeting with Professor Johnson,” he stammered.

“He got called away and asked me to meet with you instead to go over the material. Have a seat,” she motioned towards a small table in the corner of the room.

Bones, joints and muscle tissue couldn’t keep his attention. Leslie’s lips looked like heaven and he just wanted to kiss her and wrap her legs around his shoulders.

“Jason? Jason did you hear me?” she asked impatiently.

“Huh? What? Which system…” he stammered and tried to focus on the paper.

“What’s going on? You seem spaced out.” Leslie sat back in her chair and crossed her arms and legs. “Something on your mind…?”

“You.” He said without thinking. “I mean. I just. I should go.”
Leslies eyes widened and then softened as Jason gathered his things to go. She reached out and placed a hand on his arm.

“Don’t go, we are just getting started.” Her voice had dropped an octave and she didn’t move her hand even after Jason had stopped gathering his things.

Fortunately for him she had asked him to stay. His bulging erection would be visible even through his dark jeans.

“Ugh. I know that this type of work can seem tedious,” Leslie said and stood from her chair. “Sometimes it helps me to remember if I think about my own body instead of just the examples.”

She moved closer to him until she was close enough for Jason to flick out his tongue to graze her nipples.

Slowly he slid his hand up from her knees to her thighs and gripped both sides.

“See, now concentrate. What muscle is that?”

Everywhere Jason touched Leslie would ask him a question about the muscles or joints in that area. The game continued until he returned to her thighs again and slid his hands into her wet underwear.

“What muscle is that?” he asked her.

Leslie moaned softly as he rubbed against her clitoris and inserted one, then two, then three fingers into her juices. He moved one finger out and gently rubbed her clitoris, g-spot and anus at the same (damn) time.

She gasped and gripped his shoulder and began sucking on his neck. Right before she climaxed Jason stopped and lifted her up onto the table. He dropped to his knees and made a tent out of her sundress over his head.

Leslie put a hand over her mouth to hide the moans as Jason licked, sucked, and slurped her up. His tongue brought her to an orgasm and he held her in place until she was begging him to stop. He kept going until she had one more and pulled away.

Leslie guided him towards a chair and began to return the favor. She pulled his throbbing erection from his jeans and spit on her hand. She stroked him as his breathing increased. Each ball slipped in and out of her mouth while her hand did an up, down, slight circular motion on his penis.

Damn. This shit is really happening.

Jason’s thoughts were running wild when she finally put her mouth on his penis head and all the way down to the end of his shaft. He felt the back of her throat on his head and rolled his eyes in the back of his head.

A few more licks and he’d be done.

Voices were heard in the front office waiting area. “Yea Proffesor Mitchell, I can get those papers to you, I just have to grab them from my office.”

SHIT! That’s professor Johnson.

Leslie stopped mid-deep throat and gathered her panties from the floor and fixed herself up. His orgasm would have to wait. Jason painfully stuffed his penis back in his jeans and opened the books.

Professor Johnson walked into the office as RIGHT as Leslie and Jason regained composure and faked like they were studying.

Professor Johnson greeted them and gave a slight eye brow raise as the smell of fresh coochie floated in the air. He silently grabbed the papers from his desk and turned to leave out the door. Before he closed the door he turned back, “I’m sure you can find another place to finish studying not in my office.”

Jason didn’t think it was possible for a dark skinned woman to blush, but Leslie did and looked down at the floor. “I should go…” she said.

“Wait, well do you want to go back to my apartment and…well finish?”

“No. I think I’ve had enough studying for today,” and with that she had her purse and materials and was out the door.

Blue balls and frustration surrounded Jason as he left the office and walked straight into Academic Advising.

“I need to change my course. Preferably one with no grad students.”

check out Dee’s own blog over at LaughCryCuss.com


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