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One Woman’s Tale of Living The Single Life: “A Year Into Single”


“A Year Into Single” By: Dee Rene

The first two months were everything I’d imagined they would be. I was doing the Beyonce “Single Ladies” dance every chance I got. My hips dipped and swirled while I flashed my empty ring finger and swung my pretend hair all down the dance floor.

Being single was cool.

A few more months passed and my hips still swirled excitedly. The friends who’d joined me before were now quietly sipping drinks and texting boyfriends about plans post-party. I swung my imaginary weave and didn’t care. Drama, break ups, being accountable to someone else and all the “headaches” of a relationship were behind me.

Being single was amazing.

Then it got a little colder and my nights got a little quieter. Frustration took over and the single ladies dance wasn’t fun anymore. Tumbleweeds rolled through my inbox and the highlights of my weekends included trying new nail designs from Youtube. No one alerted me to the memo that passed that we were all to be getting and keeping a man. My patience ran out and I just truly needed to order a man a la carte to open some jars or help keep these bed sheets warm.
Being single was bullshit.

I approached my year of single and developed a nervous itch like a recovering love addict. I started asking all the wrong questions. Started wondering what’s wrong with me and why wasn’t I attracting any love into my life?

Then like a dawning after the storm the magic words came. “I GOT A DATE!” A guy I interviewed for a position, who is a friend of a friend, was going to be in town and wanted to hang out. With me. Like a date!

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