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Mariah Carey Will Earn $18 Million As An American Idol Judge


It’s official, Mariah Carey will be the new judge of FOX’s “American Idol” on its upcoming season this January. Following both the exists of rocker Steven Tyler and singer Jennifer Lopez, Carey was a top contender for the gig. And she’s getting a hefty payout, $18 million!

On her latest business and career venture Carey says, “I am so excited to be joining ‘Idol’. This kind of all just happened really quickly…I can’t wait to get started in the fall … and I will see you in January.”

The show, which saw judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez exit at the end of last season, will be back on the air for season 12 in January.

Fox’s entertainment chief, Kevin Reilly, called Carey “the biggest recording artist that any of these (talent) shows has ever had,” adding that she was the “artist that many of these contestants have tried to emulate, have tried some of the songs, have tried to hit the notes.”

Carey’s name was also mentioned as a contender during Simon Cowell’s own recruitment for judges on Fox’s other top singing competition show, “The X Factor”. Cowell has since went on to recruit singers Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as judges.

What did Cowell have to say? He says, “I’m happy for her, actually. I like Mariah. I think she’s going to find it difficult to say no. You’ve got to say no to people and she’s sweet… I think she’ll be great.”

Do you think Mariah will make a great judge?

Here’s what we think. Aside from her diva-esque reputation, this is one decision FOX got right! With her accolades of accomplishments and talent she’ll surely give contestants great advice. She’s also known to be very nurturing, something contestants will also need. It’s an added element much like that of Paula Abdul and Lopez. There needs to be a “motherly” figure helping contestants get through difficult times and that Mariah will deliver.

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