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Where In The World Is Katherine Jackson


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In the latest Jackson family drama, matriarch Katherine Jackson was reportedly missing late Saturday night. The incident was reported by family friend Trent Jackson who also lives with Katherine in her Beverly Hills home.

Thankfully, late Sunday night police have confirmed they’ve spoken with Mrs. Jackson and she’s doing fine. She tells police, “I’m safe and with a family member.”

The missing persons report was further heightening when granddaughter Paris Jackson tweeted Saturday, “My grandmother is missing and I haven’t spoken to her in a week. I want her home now.”

The issue? Mrs. Jackson is the legal guardian of the late Michael Jackson’s three children; Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Prince Michael Jackson II, and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.

However, Jermaine Jackson told NBC’s Today’s show this morning, “How can our mother be missing if she’s in Arizona with her own daughter, Rebbie?” In his own twitter missing on Saturday he also tweeted, “No one is being blocked from speaking with mother. She’s merely an 82 year old woman following doctors orders to rest up and distress.”

The drama started Wednesday when several members of the Jackson family, including Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie, sent a letter to the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate claiming they were manipulating their mother, causing her stress. This could be true. Michael Jackson’s estate is worth half a billion dollars.

The executors have since disputed these claims but many still wonder why hasn’t Katherine Jackson been in contact with her grandchildren.

Again, Jermaine Jackson insist his mother’s vacation was well known within the family. Perhaps, some members, including her grandchildren, didn’t get the memo.

The saga continues….


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