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Jennifer Willams Drops Lawsuit Against ‘Basketball Wives’ Attacker Nia Crooks


‘Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams is dropping her lawsuit against ex-friend and attacker Nia Crooks. Although Crooks slapped Jen during an altercation during a season 4 episode, Williams has decided the trial isn’t worth all the trouble. Surprising considering Williams was adamant about making an example of Crooks.

Back in January TMZ reported, Williams had filed a lawsuit against Crooks (following the airing of the episode) which claimed she suffered serious injuries and psychological damage after Crooks slapped her across the face. However, it appears, she’s had a change of heart. Jen abandoned her lawsuit earlier this month and filed court documents to end the lawsuit.

A rep for Jennifer tells TMZ she is “already dealing with her difficult divorce and did not feel that it was necessary to continue to pursue civil action.”

Nia’s lawyer Javier Solano also released a statement. He tells TMZ, “We have always maintained that the frivolous lawsuit brought by Jennifer Williams was nothing short of a last-gasp attempt to maintain her dwindling relevance on the ‘Basketball Wives.'”

“Nia is happy to put this issue behind her and start looking ahead to work on her own career.”


Is it me or does Ms. Crooks not seem remorseful? Ha!

Actually we have to agree. Jennifer Williams was one of three cast mates that were reportedly axed by executive producer and former BFF Shaunie Oneal from the show.

Something tells me this is only the beginning. And yet, the plot thickens.

(Photo: GossipOnThis.com)


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