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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “S&M: Chains And Whips OH MY”



Hi I’m Shay. I don’t know when I became so sexually inhibited. There wasn’t an actual date, time or place when I realized I was a freak. I learned the art of masturbation after several unpleasant, unmemorable sexual encounters I care not to mention. Thereafter, I decided I needed to learn how to pleasure myself. I mastered the art of masturbation. I even mastered the art of masturbating others. I sometimes think I enjoy it even more so than my lovers.

It’s when I realized I had become somewhat of a dominatrix. After a brief conversation with a friend (a fellow freak) and a stack of student loans I needed to pay back, she convinced me to become one. She set me up with an agency that specialized in these sort of things and well….I’ve been dominating ever since. That was two years ago.

I dominate. I preferred being dominant. The more control I have the more turned on I am. I especially love dominating men.

Well, for one, I am a heterosexual female and although I’ve encountered a few lesbians I find making a man my bitch sexy.

On one particular occasion I think I may have gone  a bit too far. So I thought until my “lover” climaxed. He enjoyed it too.

Dick was a nice guy. He was one of my regulars. He paid me twice a month to provide a little excitement in his life. He was a boring accountant punching away at numbers all day. He had an early morning rise, 5 am, and was in bed by 9:30pm. The only late night rendezvous he had were the times he worked late. His 8 to 5 job typically meant he’d be relieved from his duties by 7pm. During tax season, closer to midnight. That’s where I came in.

I was his guilty pleasure.

By day everyone knew him as Richard. But me? He demanded I say Dick. Although a common nick name, he liked the way it rolled off my tongue. “D.I.C.K”. At times he even demanded I say it a lot slower during our sessions together.

“Diiiiccccckkkkkk……, is that slow enough for you baby?” I always asked. And in his meek demeanor and slight stutter he always said “yes.”

It was a rainy Saturday night. His place. It was always at his place. I let myself in, because I knew the door would be unlocked. He was in the shower and I began to set the scene.

I changed his sheets to a black satin covering I bought at a sex shop. The kind of material that glowed in the dark. Any object it detected would give off an illuminating light. I lit six candles, three on each night stand, by the bed. I then began laying out a pair of whip and chain set, a paddle, handcuffs, lubricant, butt plugs, a dildo….well you get the idea. I was draped in my usual  lace and leather black bodysuit with a pair of thigh high black leather boots. He liked me that way. I even wore a straight black wig parted down the middle with little makeup with one exception, bright red lipstick. Just like he liked it.

Tonight would be no foreplay. I was feeling frisky, impatient and agitated. It had been a long day and I needed to let off some steam.

Dick entered the bedroom.

“Shay, baby how are you?”

“Lay down,” I commanded.

“Oh. Okay.”

I began massaging his body with baby oil. For a man in his mid forties whose daily routine consisted of punching numbers behind a computer desk, Dick was in pretty good shape. Not thin, neither built, but toned.

Once his body was covered in oil I dimmed the lights. Dick and his dick were glistening; illuminating off the satin sheets. And even in the dark I could see he was grinning from ear to ear.

There would be no talking. I approached, whip in one hand and handcuffs in the other. And did I forget to mention the choke-hold?

I gagged his mouth and handcuffed him to the bed post.

‘Smack!’ Right across the face.

“I see you grinning. Did I give you something to grin about?”
He nodded to indicate I didn’t.

I played nice again. Caressed his manhood. Stroke after stroke, using the lubricant to guide me. And with each stroke it gave off a warm sensation. Dick was still amused….


“I see you’re not taking me serious. I”ll give you something to smile about.”

I took one of the candles I’d lit and dripped wax all over his stomach. He screeched in pain.

To ease his discomfort, for a short while, I began licking on each nipple, grazing them with my teeth.

The most exciting thing about dominating, is providing just enough pleasure right before you start to inflict pain. It gave my lovers something to look forward to. And they liked surprises.

I always made sure to leave one of his hands free for when I needed him to change positions.

“Turn over,” I commanded again.

From behind I placed the choke-hold around his neck. It had size adjustments and I could make it as loose as I wanted and as tight as I wanted.

I began to whip him. And with each whip I used more force.
“Do you like that? Do you?!”

I whipped harder, faster and with each whip Dick’s moans grew louder. He panted, grasping for air. I hadn’t realized I had been choking the hell out of him. My left hand held the choke-hold while the right kept whipping. We were both drenched in sweat.

“Get on all fours,” I commanded again.

I hopped on his back and straddled him like a horse. I adjusted the choke-hold a tad bit tighter straddling his back while caressing his balls with my free.

“You like that?”

“Yes, yes, I do…”

“No you don’t!” I yelled. “You like it or you love it?!”

“I, I, I love it..”

I inserted the butt plugs. Only I didn’t insert. More like shoved it in. I don’t think he saw that coming….And in the most painstaking voice he screamed!”

“Sorry dickey” I said with my most sweetest baby like voice.
To my surprise, however, the more pain he felt the more excitement he felt….once again, his moans grew louder. The kind of moans indicating he was in pain but yet there was also pleasure. With enough lubricant I stroked his bottom, gentle strokes, real easy. Long enough until his whimpering stopped.

It wasn’t until I inserted the 10 inch long and 2 inch wide dildo that his whimpering began again. I made sure it was nicely covered in lube before I began pounding at his buttocks.

Once that was done. I hopped off the bed and off his back. Dick was still on all fours when I began to spank him with my paddle.


“Oh did that hurt?”

He didn’t answer.

“I said did that hurt?!”

“ah, yes, ohhhhh (more whimpering)”

“Oh don’t cry Dickey. Let me take care of that for you.”

I massaged his anal passage. It was the least I could do for making him hurt.

It didn’t take long before I began to spank him again. And as I kept spanking with my left I began stroking his manhood with my right.

“Louder!” I yelled.

I wanted to hear his moans louder and with each moan I was excited hearing his agony and I kept stroking….he climaxed.

For five minutes things was silent between us. It wasn’t until I heard his moans that I realized he  had been crying.
I think it was the butt plugs that did it. Or was it the dildo? Or perhaps the shame that he enjoyed it.

I gathered my things and left.

“Bye Dickey…”

Until next time of course.

*The Cotten Kandi Diaries are fantasy stories meant for your enjoyment. Not to be taken seriously.*


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    i luv that story….it felt like mine!!!