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(Spotted) Beyonce And 6 Months Old Baby Blue (Photo)


Well what you know! Beyonce has finally given us a glance at a 6 months old baby Blue Ivy!

OMG! Izsn’t she just precious!

We haven’t seen a photo of, perhaps, the most famous baby in the world since her parents released some very precious photos when she was just one month old!

Wow! She looks just like her mama!

Bey and Blue were spotted arriving at Bergdorf Goodman earlier today but the baby girl had been covered. We’ve become accustomed to seeing her veiled behind a blanket these last several months. Many even joked perhaps we should rename her blanket.

By the time Bey was on her way out from the clothing store Blue was unveiled. The protective mom did, however, try to shield baby Blue from all the flashing lights from photographers with her hand. Giving us just a glimpse of her curly black hair.

And let’s face it, it was also 96 degrees in New York City today. The blanket wasn’t needed.

Look at those chunky legs! So cute…


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