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‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Episode 4 Recap (Videos)


As always, the fourth episode of ‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ left us all speechless as the drama unfolded. Let’s recap, shall we?

In this week’s episode, Joseline is distraught over terminating her pregnancy and feels hurt that Stevie J initially denies he’s the father. Mimi, Stevie’s longtime girlfriend, confronts him over his relationship with Joseline and discovers Joseline’s had decided to have an abortion. She’s at her wits end over their relationship and may be on the path to finally let go.

Lil “I wanna put my palms on em” Scrappy confronts Stevie over calling, his “girlfriend” and daughter’s mother, Erica a bitch at a previous event. Once Joseline, unaware of the confrontation, accuses Erica of sleeping with Stevie all hell breaks loose. The two couples have a physical altercation.

On another note, unbeknown to Erica her relationship with Scrappy isn’t as well as she’d like to believe. Moving into his own place may have given him the inclination he’s now a single man. He’s got feelings for his best and female friend Shay (Buckey), and, making matters worse the feeling is mutual. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments of the night.

Mimi Confronts Stevie

Fight!: Lil’ Scrappy & Erica vs. Stevie J & Joseline

Shady Shay

In the fifteen years Mimi has been involved with Stevie J she may have needed to catch a clue a long time ago. It’s hard to feel sorry for a woman whose allowed herself to be taken advantage of and hurt repeatedly like she’s done.
We see Shay “Buckey” Johnson would like to extend her 15 minutes of fame from her ‘Flava of Love’ and ‘Charm Skool’ days Poor Erica, so in denial.

And, it’s just too bad Lil Scrappy got scrapped. Or were you laughing just as much as we were?


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