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5 Signs You’re A Horrible Friend


Let’s fact it, some people just don’t know what it means to be a true friend. Perhaps, they’ve never had one and don’t know how. Here are 5 signs you may not be friendship worthy.

  1. Unreliable:You’re unavailable when it matters most. You always seem to call when you’re in need but remain absent when your friend needs you the most. Your number has changed, you’ve moved and your bestie was the last to know. But not to worry you popped up when it mattered most. Let me guess, you need a shoulder to cry on again.
  2. Poor Listener: Your friend just spent the last hour listening to all the latest drama in your life. They even gave you some great advise on how you should handle things. Now the tables have turned. They now need a shoulder to cry on. However, you’re not done. It’s still all about you. You rudely interrupt, have a side conversation or two while they’re still talking and, what do we know, you now have something more important to attend to. They never got to finish telling you the tale.
  3. Too Needy: Everyone falls on hard times but you’re way too needy. You seem to always be on the receiving side of things and never able to return the favor. You need a lift because your car broke down, and someplace to stay while you’re between jobs. What’s worst, the money your borrowed last month was left unpaid. In fact, in the past year, you’ve needed financial assistance on several occasions and you’ve yet to pay those debts back. Do your friend really need to tell you if or when you should pay them back? Nothings worst than a friend who becomes just a burden.
  4. Negative: Things aren’t gong all that well in your own life and you’re mad at the world. You can’t seem to offer up any constructive criticism of brilliant advise because you’re always in a funk. You blame everyone else for everything wrong in your life and is oblivious to what you need to do to change things. Yet you can dish it out to everyone else. When anyone tries to offer up their own advise you’re quick to get defensive. And yet, you wonder why most of your friends have kept their distance. But it’s not you it’s everyone else, right?
  5. Envious: Okay, so now that you’re mad at the world, you’re just as mad at everyone else for being happy in their own lives. You can’t be happy for your best-friend’s wedding because your latest relationship has gone down the whole, again. Oh and that promotion your sister just got, well isn’t she lucky? After all she was always everyone’s favorite. It couldn’t have been all the hard work and long hours she’s put in these last couple months. It seems life’s just been harder for you, and it’s not fair…

If this is you you’ve really gotta do some self analyzing. In any relationship, there should be a mutual understanding that there’s shared involvement. No one wants to feel disposable, used, and taken advantage; especially not by someone they ought to consider a friend. Whether your life is in shambles or not you, it’s important to show support and be happy for everything that’s going right for those around you. Perhaps a more positive attitude can turn things around for you. Nothing’s worst than having a friend this is always unreliable, needy, negative, a poor listener and envious of others.


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