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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “When Friends Become Lovers”


Tanya and Jacob had been friends since Nickelodeon was showing “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” They’d grown up through braces, graduation pictures, drunken college nights and the first few years in the real world. They’d counseled each other through bad breakups and family deaths.

Their friendship was one of those special things no one could understand and no one else could match.

Tanya sat on Jacob’s couch one Friday night with a bottle of wine and an extra large pizza. Heartbroken, she poured out her feelings and searched for comfort at the bottom of the bottle. Jacob listened intently to yet another love story gone wrong. He’d recently broken off his relationship and so he felt her pain.

“Why do you even deal with these guys?” He asked her as she told the story about another man who didn’t treat her right and didn’t appreciate her.

“I loved him! Like, he was so sweet and he meant the world to me. I can’t believe he ended up talking to another bitch! Like he slept with her! And had the nerve to deny it like I was crazy.” She stopped to take another swig of the wine. “I mean, I’m holding the text messages right there, with the naked pics she sent, and he is still telling me he didn’t sleep with her. He ain’t shit! None of yall … “ she sighed loudly and threw herself back into the couch with the wine bottle clutched tightly to her chest.

“That’s not true, maybe it’s just the guys you pick.” Jacob didn’t even turn to face her but let the words hang in the air.

“Fuck you alright! You always have something to say about who I date but you can’t keep anyone either. Always talking to some dumb chick.”

Although their friendship was solid, there was always a tension there that usually erupted in arguments. Neither one could ever really say what they wanted to say. Neither one could confess that after all these years what started as friendship had turned into romantic interest. Neither one wanted to change a thing and risk losing what they had.

Silence was thick and Tanya shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “Why is it so damn hot in here?” she threw a pillow at Jacob to lighten the mood. He hit her on the head, “because you are a drunk.”

“Give me that, you’ve had enough,” he said as he removed the wine bottle from her grasps.

“Whatever,” She mumbled and gave him the wine bottle. Tanya, disturbed by the heat, removed one layer of her outfit revealing a tank top. Her huge breasts struggled against the straps and she adjusted them not thinking that Jacob was hungrily watching her.

“What?” she asked catching him staring.

“Nothing, nothing…” he got up and walked to the hallway to adjust the air conditioning.

As the temperature dropped Tanya’s nipples became erect and Jacob caught himself staring yet again. He shifted around to adjust the bulging erection before she could see it pitching a tent in his grey sweat pants.

Tanya had stopped crying and was starting to dose off. “You should go lay down, there’s no use in you driving like this.”

Tanya had long since began to sober up but the throbbing in her vagina as she caught glimpse of the erection Jacob tried to hide made her take up his offer.

She went to the bedroom and called for him. “Come here please!”

Jacob walked slowly in the bedroom to find her under the covers. “Lay with me? I really don’t want to sleep by myself.”

“Yea sure, let me turn off the TV.” Jacob tried to steady his thoughts. They were friends. They’d laid in the same bed before and everything was fine. But tonight felt different. He didn’t know if it was the few glasses of wine he’d shared with Tanya or not but he felt like tonight was a time to really comfort her. With his heart, mind and body. Little did he know, Tanya was thinking the same thing.

Tanya had her back to the door when Jacob slid under the covers next to her. He’d usually just stay on his side of the bed but tonight he wanted to hold her. When he reached for her he felt the smoothness of her skin. As he slid his hand down a little he realized she’d removed all her clothes. He pulled her closer and pressed his erection firmly in her backside. She moaned softly as he kissed the back of her neck and slid his hands between her thighs.

Her clitoris hardened under his touch and her moans grew a little louder. Tanya arched her back and slowly rocked against his hand and his throbbing penis. When the moisture began to run down her leg he turned her around to face him.

“Jacob I…” she started to speak but he silenced her with deep passionate kisses.

Tanya caressed his erection as he kissed her neck. She gently pushed him on his back and straddled him. Slowly kissing his neck, then chest, then tracing his abs with her tongue. Eventually she found her way to his rock hard penis and covered it with the warmness of her mouth. Jacob tried to stifle his moan as her head bobbed up and down and she massaged his balls in a rhythm that brought him on the brink of climaxing.

“baby come here…” He pulled her mouth away and lifted her back up to his face. He kissed her again and rolled her over on her back.

After putting on the condom, he pulled her legs up on his shoulders and pushed inside.

Tanya’s eyes widened and she sucked in a sharp breath. His penis felt so. Damn. Good. He began kissing her ear and she felt her body start to tremble as he swirled around in her wetness. He was bigger than she was use to but everything hurt so good and she dug her nails in his back. Their sweat mixed as they changed positions and he entered from behind while rubbing her clitoris at the same time.

She moaned loudly and rocked back against him. He gripped her waist and let her rock until both of their bodies shook. Jacob enjoyed the throbbing of her walls as he stayed in side her but turned her on her back again to face him.

Neither one of them spoke as he pulled out and removed the condom. He kissed her forehead and she laid on his chest.

There was nothing left to say. They both said what could never be said and had crossed the friendship line. When he kissed her goodnight, they both smiled. Years from that day they’d playfully argue about who seduced who, but it didn’t matter. Their friendship had grown to something so much more and neither would ever change a thing.

Written By: Dee Rene

Check out Dee’s own blog over at LaughCryCuss.com


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  • Zeta4lif

    ALL I CAN SAY IS DAMN!!!! hope u guys can still remain good friends, but that was a HOT!!! story I am 45yrs old and been married for 20yrs, I have got to read this to my husband and see what happens (wink, wink) He was my best friend before we married and that story is ours.