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Chris Brown’s Got A New Tattoo!


As if covering his chest and arms weren’t enough, Chris Brown has recently gotten a new neck tattoo.

And, the singer apparently slept through the whole thing.

What is it?

Wow, the thing is huge! It looks like a roaring lion crowned with an Indian chief head piece.

Here he is posing with his tattoo artist.

Are you feeling it?! We’re not!

Tattoos can be cute when artistically done and chosen on distinctive parts of the body. When it becomes an entire body painting not so much..

(Photos: Chrianna)


About Author

  • I just don’t like tattoo’s at all but i guess everybody have the right to do anything the want with there body.

  • Yeah his tattoos have gotten to the point of too much. Before long his entire body will be completely covered. Chris is a handsome guy and the tattoos just take away from that.