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Ann Curry Confirms She’s Leaving The ‘Today Show’


Ann Curry has confirmed what we’ve suspected for the past week. She will not being returning as co-host of the ‘Today Show’.

“This is not easy to say,” a choked-up Curry, 55, announced on Thursday’s show, as her costars sat on the sofa next to her. She said Thursday would be her last day as a regular on the show, but “I will still be part of the Today show family, in a different role.”

Curry will remain with NBC, however, but in a new role. She’ll return to her foreign reporting roots – effective immediately.

With tears in her eyes she continued with, “To those of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I am sorry that could not carry the ball across the finish line – but, man, did I try.”

Take a closer look at what curry had to say.

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Curry will likely be succeeded by Savannah Guthrie, whose currently the show’s legal analyst and 9 a.m. anchor.



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