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Discussion: Willow Smith Gets Tongue Pierced, Real Or Fake?


Yesterday the media went in a frenzy when 11 year old Willow Smith posted a photo on Instagram with what appeared to be a pierced tongue. Smith was joined by a friend who also had a piercing below the lip.

It’s no secret the youngest and only daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been allowed much freedom in the way she expresses herself. From her shaved head and the numerous color changes as of late to some of her eccentric fashion choices.

Almost immediately following the photo’s release many questioned the Smith’s parenting techniques. However, it seems we can all buckle down now because the piercing is a fake!
According to Gossip Cop, “It isn’t a piercing, it’s a magnet,” a source told the site after the backlash. “Just a young girl having fun with accessories.”

Willow, herself, later reiterated that same sentiment when she changed the caption of the photo to read, “It’s fake…Sorry.”

But we wonder, is this a young girl innocently expressing herself or a child allowed too much freedom? What are your thoughts?



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