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Chris Brown Says, “I’m Insecure About My Teeth” During Online Interview


Over the weekend, Chris Brown conducted an online ask anything webcam interview for his fans and answered some interesting questions about himself. He revealed quite a bit actually.

Prior to the interview the singer tweeted, “My @AskAnyThingChat is about to go out worldwide with @romeoonsnol & @SaturdayOnline click this http://tinyurl.com/7esqo7k”

On one thing people wouldn’t know about him he says, “I’m very insecure about my teeth. ” He also reveals it’s one of the reasons he focuses on teeth in his paintings. He added “But that’s what makes me draw teeth when I paint…..Kinda like my super power.”

Most memorable performance? When he was seventeen he performed “Thriller” on the World Music Awards where he also got to meet his idol the late Michael Jackson that same night.

How would he describe his newest album in one word? “Amazing.”

On what are his future aspirations and goals. He says he wants to be the best at anything he does. Whether that is “music, directing, dancing, acting.”

He adds, “I want to be a vessel. Anybody that is inspired by me. I hope they continue to be inspired by the positive stuff. My music. Everything I do as far as inspiring the kids to dance, just be excited about having fun.”

On his most meaningful song? Although different songs means different things to him he says, “Forever” would be one of the songs to stick out the most. He adds he wanted to showcase his ability to be a good artist and he was in love (The song was dedicated to Rihanna) and he had a good idea at the time to create “Forever”.

On what inspired him to start painting he says when he was about 6 years old he loved cartoons, and animation, especially that of “Dragonball Z” and so he began tracing comic book figures.

On how his music has changed he says “It’s changed because of the subject matter and content. It’s a little bit older. I’m talking to a more adult audience whose more sexually active. Teenagers I wouldn’t promote that. I wouldn’t promote sex and teen pregnancy and the whole thing. But I’ll definitely say my music reaches a different audience and an older audience now. But it still can reach a kid because certain songs aren’t necessarily about sex. So I’ll say it has changed but it’s more relatable at the same time.”

How did he feel to win his first Grammy? “Exciting. I’m excited. I just want to thank you guys [his fans] for it.”

Check out more of Chris during his “Saturday Night Online Ask Anything”


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