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Summer 2012: Getting Bikini Body Ready


“Summer 2012: Getting Bikini Body Ready” By: Jessica Green

The Summer is here and the search is on the for the perfect swimwear. Five packs away from that six pack you want? Wish your legs and butt were a little more toned? As women we all have problem areas, but, before you spend your summer indoors, slaving at the gym or avoiding your favorite BBQ meals try some of these quick fixes to make you instantly look bikini body ready.

When shopping for the perfect swimwear remember the cardinal rule: accentuate the positive, camouflage the negative.

For a more well endowed women, try shopping look for a swimsuit that will offer support. A swimsuit with wider straps and an underwire will provide you with support while staying fashionable.

Also remember, triangular shape tops are not your friend! They not only give you no support but can make larger breasts look saggy, shortening your torso and will make you look shorter and round. A solid one piece with a neck tie strap will not only lift your ‘girls’ but if found with elastic can pull everything in and up making you look slimmer, taller and more toned.

For the more slim women who desire to have more curves, patterns and ruffles are your best friend. Ruffles add fullness to your bust or bum when placed correctly. Patterns can also create the optical illusion of a more hourglass shape and bust line. Stay away from horizontal lines, they will only make you look longer which will make you look even smaller than your natural size.

The stomach is a problem area for most women. Swimsuits have come a long way especially one pieces. They’re not your grandma’s swimsuits anymore. A one piece with cut-out sides cut can make your torso look longer. Not only will this make you look slimmer, but your stomach will look flatter as well. Look for swimsuits with criss crossings or that may have mesh material in the tummy area to conceal your tummy troubles.

The last rule needed to remember is to wear your size! Nothing brings more attention to your problem areas than wearing a swimsuit three sizes too small. That goes for full figured and slim women alike.
Above all else…accessorize! Nothing makes a swimsuit body look better than a fabulous beach hat, sun glasses, bracelets or cute sarong in a bright color. Small add-ons add flair and sexiness to any beach day attire.

And last but not least never forget to wear a great smile. Nothing adds more confidence, posture and fierceness than a pretty smile. So grab some drinks, charge up your iPod and make Summer 2012 EPIC!!


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