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Ann Curry Remains A Class Act After Being Fired From ‘Today Show’


Well wasn’t this the most awkward moment in television ever! Ann Curry returned to her ‘Today Show’ hosting duties just one day after it was rumored she’d been fired.

To much surprise, however, Curry made an appearance on the NBC morning show early Thursday morning. In fact, she tweeted the message “Good morning twitterverse,” prior to the appearance.

The message gave viewers hope and a sense that all was still well in ‘Today Show’ land. Well just hours later it was confirmed, that after just one year of hosting the NBC morning show, Ann Curry had been fired.

Well, wasn’t that a shock!

Unfortunately for Ann executives didn’t feel she was successful in garnering the ratings much like predecessors Meredith Vieira and Katie Couric. Immediately following the news, some wondered if Vieira would be back. It’s actually quite possible while NBC works out the kinks of who’ll take over ‘Today Showw’ hosting duies alongside Matt Lauer.

This goes without saying, Ann Curry is certainly a class act. Some of us may have acted a fool after learning our dream job was taken right from under our securely planted feet, but not Ann. She continued with do her job so graciously and we should applaud her.

What’s next for Ann? It’s rumored she’ll return to her global reporting roots.

(Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)


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  • rockhardtalk

    good for her!! never let them see you sweat!