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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Rekindling The Romance”


Every Saturday the same old thing. Marcy loved her husband but she hated his sex. The routine almost drove her insane. Love making during the week was impossible because of their work schedules so Saturday morning she would assume the position when the alarm buzzed.

Every Saturday the alarm would buzz. He reached his arm around her to signal he was ready to get started. In missionary position, she’d pretend to be excited as he got on top of her. They’d kiss a few times and he pushed inside of her. Thrusting until he was satisfied with the moans of her fake orgasm and then he’d climax. They’d shower and go on to run errands. Marcy started to think she’d be better off spending that time clipping coupons.

“I’ve had enough,” she sighed to a girlfriend one Sunday at brunch. “I love my husband. I would never leave him. But I want an Academy Award for all of the great orgasm performances I’ve put on. There’s just no passion.”

Her friend listened quietly then said, “So make it happen. Bring back the passion.”

“Huh?” Marcy stammered. “How am I supposed to do that? He’s the man. He should be making sure I’m satisfied.”

“Girl you better get in 2012. I know you are 37, but you aren’t too old to learn a few tricks yourself and teach him some.”

Marcy playfully pinched her friend’s arm for calling out her age but eventually agreed. She was going to learn some new tricks.

Google and the sex shop on the other side of town became Marcy’s best friend that week. When Saturday came, her husband had no idea what was on it’s way.

Alarm buzzed.

Greg reached to the other side of the bed to pull his wife closer but only pulled cold pillows. Confusion made him sit up a little straighter and call out her name in the dimly lit room. To his surprise, Marcy was dressed in a lace cat suit and heels he hadn’t seen her wear since her 20s.

“Good Morning…” she said quietly.

Before he could say a response, she put a finger to his lip with one hand and placed the other on his obvious erection. “Just relax.”

Greg stared at her like a stranger but excitement showed on his face. He reclined in the bed, watching his wife of 5 years sashay over to the radio to put on some music. Her short brown hair and round backside began to sway gently to the music. Marcy pulled one of his ties from the drawer.

“Lay back.” Greg had no choice but to comply. When he tried to speak she quieted him and said “I’ll let you know when it’s time to talk.”

He’d never seen anything like this from her. Marcy was the “good girl” type and he’d never imagined she could be so dominate, so commanding, so damn sexy!

He laid back as she tied the tie around his eyes.

Over the next half hour, Marcy delighted in watching her man squirm. Her small breast grazed against his cheeks as she pushed one nipple in his mouth and raised his hand to massage the other. Straddling him and stroking the back of his head, she could feel her body reacting in a way she hadn’t felt in years. She wanted him!

With smooth jazz playing in the background, and Greg’s eyes still covered, she slid out of her attire but left the heels on. He drew in a sharp breath when he felt her warm mouth slide around his erection. “Damn….” was all he managed to say.

Slowly she let the natural juice of her mouth run down his shaft while rubbing each ball gently between her fingers. Up and down and up and down with her mouth and hands moving in a rhythmic motion she’d found on some web site. She must have been doing it right because Greg was squirming all over the bed. She tried not to laugh as his toes curled.

Finally she let him take off the tie. Her nipples were at full attention as he stared at her next to the bed. Completely naked except the heels.

“Come here…” Marcy climbed in bed with him and assumed the position. After all the teasing she’d done, she’d managed to turn herself on and she was ready to explode even in the missionary style. To her surprise, he turned her on her side and entered her from behind while kissing her neck and massaging her breasts.

Damn had he been reading too!

He slid his hand down to her clitoris and rubbed until she was pulling away and could no longer hold back. Years of orgasm-less Saturdays flooded their bed sheets.

Marcy breathed heavily but regained her composure. Greg was still thrusting against her and she was determined to stay in control. She wanted to look him in the eyes when he climaxed.

Wiggling away, she grabbed his hand and led him to a chair in the corner. “Sit down…”

Greg’s erection throbbed to the point it looked painful.

She straddled him on the chair, but put one leg up near his shoulder. “How in the hell….” he started to ask.

“Just let me fuck you…” she whispered.

Marcy rode up and down, in circles, facing him and away from him until she felt her husband start to convulse.

He called her name when he climaxed and she smiled.

The pair headed towards the shower but Greg stopped his wife before she could remove the heels.

“Baby that was amazing…”

She smiled and said, “I know.” and laughed. “I bet you can’t wait until next Saturday huh?”

He grinned at her and said, “Why wait until Saturday.”

Marcy looked at her husband with a lust for him she hadn’t had in months. “Let me show you what else I can do with that tie…”


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  • Great story! This is real world action!

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    I like it

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