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‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Premiere Recap [Full Episode]


If you had the chance to watch the premiere of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ then you’ll know the show is going to be the urban soap opera. Talk about drama! The love triangle between producer Stevie J, his artist Joseline and girlfriend MiMi is beyond shameful. The problem is Stevie J, although he blatantly lies to MiMi about his infidelities, seems to not care who knows about his affairs. He’s actually quite open with his “affection” for artist Joseline. The very thing that sparks a major argument with Mimi while at an event for another up and coming artist.

While that’s taking place, Atlanta rapper Lil’ Scrappy has his own relationship woes with girlfriend Erica, whose taken him back after his public and high profile relationship with another Atlanta rapper, Diamond. Diamond, however, left him to be with yet another rapper, Soulja Boy. Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee has no problem detailing her detest for Diamond and hopes Erica can get over Scrappy’s affair to rekindle a healthy romance.

Singer K. Michelle is also featured on the series, after ending a bitter relationship, she’s now trying to take her career to the next level. She alleges that she was assaulted by music manager Memphiz who just so happens to be married to another reality TV star, Toya Wright (Lil’ Wayne’s ex). She also accuses him of using money to fund her career on expensive gifts for himself.

Is that enough drama for you? Watch the full episode below.

What should we learn from all this ladies? KNOW YOUR WORTH!


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  • nook

    After watching the previews for the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta I couldn’t wait till Monday to watch the drama. I recorded it on my Hopper since I worked late at Dish on Monday night. When I went back to watch it I was really surprised on how Stevie J. was treating Mimi, the mother of his kid. I would not deal with that and I don’t think Joseline is the only one to blame either. I am definitely going to record this entire season on my Hopper thought and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  • anonymous

    I agree. Stevie J is very disrespectful to Mimi. It’s easy to blame the other woman, Joseline but Mimi’s been with him for 15 years by now she should know better! As for Stevie J this guy can’t be serious. Playing your girl and child’s mother for your mistress?! He’s lame!

  • This show brings drama on and off cameras. Check out http://www.stylingonabudget.blogspot.com to see the twitter fight between Karlie and K. Michelle