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Cotten Kandi Weblinks of the Day


When desperation kicks in just call the Kardashians. That’s exactly what Oprah has done. By now we all know her OWN network is struggling maintaining the viewership she’s garnered with her former talk show but not to worry Oprah has no intentions of giving up. With a brand as successful as the Kardashians Oprah is making  a smart business move. Why not interview them? Although lady O is asking the questions we’d all like to know, like, why are they famous in the first place, I believe Barbara Walters beat her to the punch early this year with her own special, ‘The Most Fascinating People of 2011’. But the show must go on. Check the visual when you continue reading – Girls Talkin Smack

Kourtney Kardashian Tweets While In Labor? – Tattle Tailzz

R. Kelly Owes Millions In Back Taxes – Gumbumper

Kelly Rowland Summer Dreaming In Barcelona – iluluonline

Matthew McConaughey Wedding Album- Diva Artist

New Photos from ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Movie- I Need My Fix

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