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Exclusive! Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill Involved In Bottle Throwing Brawl At NYC Club


What started out as a good night ended up being a bottle throwing brawl between rappers. Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill all attended WIP nightclub in Soho, New York City Wednesday night. Although Meek and Brown were already in attendance, Drake arrived shortly after 3am. At approximately 4am Chris Brown was suddenly rushed out by his entourage and was immediately placed in black jeep fleeing the scene. Not long after, Teyana Taylor, who had been celebrating her signing with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D music label at a neighboring club, Greenhouse, was rushed out as well. Almost immediately, following her exit, club-goers flooded the streets in an attempt to escape the bloody brawl.

A member of Chris’ entourage was covered in blood while a woman who had accompanied Drake was carried away by his security.

Also in attendance rappers Fabolous, Maino, Juelz Santana and Trey Songz, were also spotted fleeing the scene following the outbreak.

But what could have happened to cause all this? One attendee tells Cotten Kandi exclusively, Meek Mill was actually the one who threw the first bottle. A few members of Drake’s camp joined in and Chris Brown’s entire entourage became enraged reacting angrily by throwing their own bottles.

Another source reports it was actually Meek Mill and Fabolous who were at odds. Drake and Chris Brown, who are said to not like each other, were unfortunately caught in the cross fire.

Many have also speculated the fight was sparked by a beef among the three rappers (Brown, Drake, and Meek) over singer Rihanna. It’s no secret Chris and Drake have had a long dispute since Brown and Rihanna’s relationship came to an abrupt end back in 2009 when he assaulted her. She was reportedly engaged in a very short-lived and rebound relationship with Drake soon there after. Most recently Meek Mill became apart of the beef when he was dropped from one of Chris’ records said to appear on his not yet released ‘Fortune’ album. Meek is said to believe he was taken off the album over rumors he and Rihanna had also been involved.

What’s even more complicated, Brown and Rihanna were spotted at the same NYC nightclubs two nights just this week alone. The run-ins have sparked further rumors of a reconciliation.

In the aftermath, several club-goers were left bloodied and bruised while one man was even rushed to the nearest hospital.

Also among the attendees that night, Mary J. Blige, Angie Martinez, Drita D’Avanzo (Mob Wives), Jennifer Williams (BBW), Al Reynolds (Star Jones’ ex-husband), Adrienne Bailon, Ne-Yo and Rick Ross. Thankfully Ne-Yo, Martinez, Williams, Reynolds, and D’Avanzo had all left before the brawl began.

And what have the artists said since? Chris took to Twitter almost immediately going on a Twitter rant.

He tweeted, “Niggas throwing bottles! Ya’ll n*ggas weak! OK! N*ggas stand behind security!!!! Ok! You don’t pay them enough! N*ggas Hiding in the bathroom bitch ass n*ggas! And I’m the singer? Throwing bottles? It’s nothing! Lol (insert photo link) N*ggas is pussy! How you party with a rich n*gga that hate? Lol….Throwing bottles like girls #Shameonyou”

This is the photo Chris attached to his tweet.

His tweets have since been deleted.

As for Meek, he wrote “It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol”.

Drake and Fabolous have yet to respond.

Drake Arriving WIP nightclub. He’s blocked by the crowd.

Chris Brown and entourage fleeing club

Ne-Yo leaving prior to showdown.

Teyana Taylor at Greenhouse before making her way over to WIP nightclub.

Here’s a graphic photo of the injury Brown’s bodyguard suffered after the brawl

Wow! Looks painful.

(Photos: CottenKandi.com/Twitter.com)


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