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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “The Great Gatsby”


Adrienne was the type of girl many of men pined over. She was the prom queen, the beautiful cheerleader; standing 5 “5” tall, exotic, beautiful bouncing hair with permanent curls. It didn’t hurt thatshe was voluptuous in all the “right” places. A thin waist, big boobs, full hips and a round derriere.

He noticed her immediately as she walked into their neighborhood coffee shop. She actually knocked him over as she came stumbling in. She was obviously running late for something.

“Oh I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to run into you. I’m in a rush. Sorry about that.”

Gastby said nothing. Even if he had something to say she was already at the counter placing an order to go. He stood there staring. He actually forgot he was on his way out when she entered the shop. It didn’t take long before she placed her order and was now returning back to the exit. He watched her intently while hoping at the same time that he didn’t look creepy. She was walking back pretty fast when she noticed his intent stare. This time, however, she noticed him. And she knew his face looked familiar but couldn’t place it.

Gatsby stood 6 “1” tall, a dark mahogany, smooth skin, a nearly perfect hairline with a low cut, straight teeth and symmetrical features. He could have been a model. He wore a dark navy blue suit, white button down shirt, black loafers and a bluish-grey tie. He had been heading home from work when he decided to stop for coffee. He would be heading back out for an event for an up and coming artist. He was now an A&R for a major record label in New York City.

Not surprising if you knew Gatsby. He was destined to be successful. He was the boy-next-door who was required by his parents to go to church every Sunday, always got good grades, stayed out of trouble and was always able to lend a helping hand. It was the church choir that honed his ear for music and his own talent. He could sing but was not to be the star. He would be the man behind the talent, the brains. And that he had, brains.

Back in high school he wouldn’t have had the nerve to say anything to someone like Adrienne. He always admired her from a far but that was it. On the few occasions they had any interaction they had been in the same class. They had actually had quite a few classes together. They attended all of junior high and high school together. He remembered like it was yesterday. She walked in his 6th grade class wearing a floral pink and white pattern dress. She and her family had just moved in the neighborhood, and, it was her first day in school. He’d been an admirer ever since.

“Hi. Excuse me, Adrienne?”

“Hi. Do I know you? Your face looks really familiar but I don’t remember from where, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine I probably look a little different from all those years ago. It’s Gatsby but you may remember me as Jerry (the pet name his friends gave him).”

“Oh my God Jerry! I remember you! Hi!”

She walked closer and gave him a hug. The enthusiasm caught him off guard. He didn’t think she would remember. After all, they never really had any reason to speak to each other.

She, however, remembered him quite well. Unbeknown to Gatsby, it was junior year in high school when she noticed him for the first time. Really noticed. He had always been the smart guy in class. Although not the nerd that everyone picked on but the kind of guy you knew was heading places. He could sing too. In a school talent show he wowed the crowd with a rendition of Usher’s then single “You Got It Bad”.

He was the complete opposite of the world she lived in. The beautiful and popular prom queen grew up in dysfunction. She was destined to be the kind of woman who only used her looks to get ahead in life. It’s what her mother told her was the only thing she had going for herself; her looks.

Adrienne had noticed Gatsby. Lots of girls did, actually. It was as if he grew overnight, from the 5 “7” guy in school who wore glasses and always held a book to this stud. His stride was different. He had confidence. He was assertive while at the same time inviting and nonabrasive. He was also the kind of guy she wouldn’t have. Guys like him married the girl-next-door right out of high school, living successful lives and raising their 2.5 kids. She seemed to attract thugs. But Gatsby she noticed. She also noticed he had somewhat become a ladies man. He never did have a steady girlfriend in school. He wasn’t openly flirtatious but he exude charm that attracted the ladies. She kept her distance.

“I see you’re in a rush I hope I’m not disrupting you from going where you need to be?”

“Oh no. I’m actually parked on a meter without paying.”

They exchanged a laugh.

“Well, let’s make sure you don’t get a ticket then,” he said.

They both walked out the coffee shop. She went ahead while he held the door behind her. It was a lovely Friday evening. The air was still and felt like seventy degrees. The perfect Spring weather. She wore a body hugging number and he could see her figure was still very much in tact. It had been eight years since leaving high school and last he heard she was pursuing a modeling career.

Before she could make any excuses to head off he spoke first. “Adrienne are you doing anything tonight? I’m actually heading home to get ready for an event tonight and if you’re not doing anything maybe you could….”

“Sure I’d love to.”

He didn’t think it would be that easy.

“Okay, why don’t we exchange numbers.”

After exchanging contact information the two talked a bit, standing outside by the black 2002 Nissan Maxima she arrived in.

“Oh my God Gatsby remember when you did that talent show? That was so dope.”

“Oh wow that was so long ago. I didn’t even know you were there. You liked that? I didn’t think you noticed me.”

“Of course, I always noticed you.”

For a moment there was an awkward silence. He didn’t expect the statement and she hadn’t expected to say it.

In an attempt to change the topic, “So what do you do now,” she wanted to know.

“Well, I did pursue a career in music. I became a talent scout and now an A&R executive. I actually want to start my own label one day. But baby steps. What about you?”

“I did some modeling here and there but I eventually gave all that up to work with kids. I’m in social work. I want to help kids who grew up in dysfunctional homes. I can relate so I wanted to give back.”

“Do you mind if we just got something to eat instead. I…I…like talking to you.”

“Yeah…I like talking to you too.” More awkward silence.

As if it just dawned on her she mentioned, “But what about the show tonight?”

“Don’t worry about that. I don’t have to go. I was just going because I didn’t have any other plans.”

“Ok great. Where do you want to eat?”

They spotted a nearby diner and walked in. They talked about lots of memories from their school days. An hour later they’d forgotten everything they’d talked about. Although neither wanted to admit it they really liked the others company. They didn’t know they actually had more in common than they thought.

“So what will you do since you’re not going to the show tonight,” she asked.

“Hopefully I can spend it with you,” he answered.

“Oh, I might like that,” she replied.

Gatsby finally got up the nerve to admit his true feelings. He wanted her to know he had been an admirer. He got up from across the booth they shared and slid in right beside her. Without saying a word he kissed her lips. They were soft. He leaned in again and this time placed his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a much deeper kiss.

She released a soft moan almost forgetting they were in public.

“Maybe we should leave Gatsby?”

“Yeah maybe we should.”

He had also parked close by. He instructed her to follow behind him while he drove home. When they arrived at his house he barely opened the door when they began kissing again. The door slammed behind them as the devour each other, tasting each others tongue, lips, mouth and savoring each moment.

He lived in a two story one family home. He lift her up, throwing her over his shoulders and headed straight towards the stairs. He was heading to the bedroom. He placed her gently on the king size bed and began taking her clothes off. And each time he took off an article of clothing he kissed her. Her feet, her thighs, her stomach, her breasts and then her lips again. Gliding his hands up and down her body he placed her hands over her head and held them there while there fingers were entwined, again kissing her lips, each cheek and her forehead.

She realized he wasn’t trying to f%#k her. He was trying to make love to her body while giving her a mind f%#k. She liked it. So much so, her underwear was soaked with her moisture.

She tried to undress him and return the favor but he quickly declined.

“Don’t move. Trust me I’m enjoying every bit of this,” he said.

When she was completely naked, he used his tongue everywhere and in every position. Between her thighs mostly.

When he was fully aroused he stripped revealing his manhood. Adrienne was pleasantly surprised. Who knew the Gatsby she remembered had been walking around with a massive package. No wonder he had become a ladies man back then.

He entered her.

As she gasped for air he told her to relax, repositioning her body so she would become more comfortable stroke after stroke, and with each stroke a deeper penetration.

10 minutes, 15, 25, 29 1/2, 29 3/4, he was still going. Moan after moan, stroke after stroke, he wanted to make sure she was being pleased no matter how long it took. And….she was.

When he was finished as if it hadn’t been enough his tongue began licking again, her nipples, her lips, her own tongue and round two had begun.

“I don’t want this to end,” she whispered.

“It won’t.”

They went on the entire night. She woke up in his arms, feeling safe, secure and for the first time in a long time, loved and attended to. She certainly didn’t want this to end. And as if he had been thinking the same thing, he awoke, erected, energized and ready for more.

They say it’s better in the morning right? She quickly welcomed the third round.


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