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Rihanna And Chris Brown Parties Together In New York


Here we go again! Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at the same nightclub in the same night. Although both are frequent attendees at LA’s Greystone Manor nightclub, this time, the duo ran into each other at New York City’s SL nightclub Saturday night.

Two different coast, two different night clubs and yet another run in. Something’s looking real fishy. The two just so happen to be in the same city at the same time. While Rihanna delayed her move to the UK to be with family while her grandmother is ill, Brown is currently promoting the release of his ‘Fortune’ album. Since last Friday he’s done a ‘Today Show’ performance (kicking off their summer concert series), the release of his “Don’t Wake Me Up” music video and even an interview during BET’s ‘106 & Park’.

The NY Post reports,

“After Chris made his way into SL with a group of friends, Rihanna pulled up with her own group of friends. The infamous exes sat far enough from each other to not be able to talk, but close enough to keep an eye on one another. Chris sent Rihanna two bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne. DJ Sinatra had both Rihanna and Chris dancing at their tables.

Rihanna was escorted to the bathroom multiple times, and sultrily walked by Chris’ table each time, not even batting an eyelash.

Rihanna and Brown, who assaulted her in 2009, have become friends again and have worked on two tracks together.

She recently told UK’s Esquire about the negative reaction to the collaborations: “I thought people were gonna be surprised that we finally did a record together, but I didn’t see how people could think it was a bad thing. In my mind, it was just music.”

She went on to say, “And if I ever do, then that’s something that y’all have to talk to me about when — if — that ever happens. Until then, look at it for what it is.”

Rihanna dancing at SL nightclub

Chris Brown shirtless at SL nightclub

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however. In the past several months these two have had a number of run ins, two collaborations and Twitter interactions. Unfortunately their social media friendship came to a demise when Rihanna unfollowed and blocked her ex after he reportedly released a diss record, “Theraflu (Remix)”, against her. Guess there was trouble in “paradise”. And now, could they be reconciling yet again?

When contacted, reps for the singers were unavailable.

Something tells us this saga between the two former lovers aren’t over. We’ll keep you posted.


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