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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”


Did I really climax three times?

From the guy who just stopped being a virgin twenty minutes ago?

Ok so maybe it wasn’t twenty minutes ago but the guy was definitely inexperienced when it came to sex.

Tyler was a beautiful man but he was quiet and bordering on shy. His close brush cut, business casual attire, and modest build made him fade into the background. If you weren’t paying attention you would walk right past him as just another guy in the office.

When had that changed?

Shonda rolled over to face the wall and felt a soreness in her vagina. That good hurt when a man puts in work into the sex like it’s his 9-5 paid position.

Her thoughts screaming a mile a minute as Tyler wrapped his arm around her and squeezed. She didn’t even care that her freshly pressed hair was now a mess.

Damn. How did they even get here?

About six months ago she started working at XY Corp. It was her dream job in marketing and she got to work with amazing people. She encountered tyler one day in the break room reading the paper and sitting all alone. She’s not sure what compelled her to go over there and speak to him but from that day forward they’d do lunch at least three times a week.

He never made a pass at her and she almost decided he might have been gay.

One day the lunch conversation turned a bit more intense as they discussed a scandalous new office romance. Word in the copier room was that the CEO was sleeping with the head of advertising and they’d even gotten it on in his office!

Tyler looked noticeably uncomfortable as Shonda told the story in full animation – hand gestures and little dirty comments included.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just, I don’t know what to say. I never really had sex more than twice in my life so I’m not sure how to really add to this conversation.”

“WHAT?” Shonda sat back in noticeable surprise and crossed her arms,unknowingly accentuating her perky c-cups and stretching the limits of her buttons.

She adjusted in her seat when she noticed Tyler’s eyes drop to her bust line.

So maybe he wasn’t gay after all.

His innocence was intriguing. She felt a moisture build between her legs and a familiar tightness form.

She’s heard her friends brag about “teaching a guy some things!” and she’d never had that opportunity because she always slept with more experienced men. Tyler would be her chance to experiment.

A few days later Shonda lay on her back as Tyler stood over her near the edge of the bed. They’d both devoured a half bottle of wine and it was time for Shonda to really SHOW him what sex was all about.

His penis hung hard and heavy. Apparently under all that nerd exterior he’d been hiding a really nice, girthy, long, package.

She massaged her breasts and ran her fingers through her hair. He just watched her with lust and passion.

Come here, she whispered.

He obediently got into the bed. She turned on her side and reached down to massage his hardness. To her surprise he kissed her on the forehead and began a slow trail down her face…to her breast.

He was sooooo giving? She couldn’t really describe it but each kiss was methodical.

He whispered for her to relax.

“Let me show you how your body should be treated…” he slid his hand behind her back and pulled her closer.

His tounge traced down her belly button and he spent what felt like an eternity simply caressing her backside, kissing and sucking her thighs, and brushing past her wetness. She thought she’d scream.

He finally began to taste her. His tongue was strong and slow. She put her head back and tried to relax but soon found herself tugging at his ears. She tried to scoot back because it felt so good and wasn’t she supposed to be teaching him? He locked his arms around her waist and pinned her to the bed. Thrusting his tongue in and out, licking all the right spots, she climaxed. He looked up at her and massaged her breast for a bit.

When she her breathing returned to normal he was still down there. Caressing and massaging and…was he licking again? This time her climax included a small puddle that threatened to drown him. He got up, toweled
off, and came back to rest on top of her.

Ok, he’d taken the gold medal in giving head but now it was her turn to show him.

He slid inside her and she took a deep breath in as he looked in her eyes. He called her beautiful and started a slow thrust. Deeper and deeper. She couldn’t get away from his grasp and he had her legs by her ears.

Shonda didn’t even know her legs could go that far.

He turned her on her belly and lifted her backside. He rubbed down her back and gently pulled her hair as he pressed harder and harder into her. She tried to push back but he was giving her so much that she just had to take it. He rubbed her clitoris at the same time and before she knew it she was waking up the neighbors with yet another orgasm.

He finally returned her to her back and kissed her intensely as he finally climaxed.

When he returned from the bathroom she started to get up as well to go clean herself up. But Tyler had already brought out a warm wash cloth for her. He wiped her down in a way that gave her good chills.

Now with his arms wrapped around her she couldn’t help but wonder where he learned all this from. I guess when you don’t have sex that often you learn to give it all you got when you do.

Shonda had started the night ready to teach him. Instead, the shy quiet guy reading a news paper in the break room, had become her ultimate lover.

And now she was ready to learn.


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