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Dawn Richard Covers PYNK Magazine


Singer/songwriter Dawn Richard recently sat down with PYNK magazine to discuss her growing solo music career, her personal style, who are her crushes, keeping in touch with her former band-mates and so much more. Here’s what Dawn had to say.

*Where do you see your music career going in the next 5 years? *

“I would hope that my music reaches the masses without losing anyone in the process. I think musically when people listen to this RnB and watch the dance that goes along with it the movements are a little bit more moving, than when people simply listen to other RnB. I hope that the word innovative would be used a lot. I hope that after people have seen the same thing over and over again, their eyes will be open to something different. I am a storyteller, and I would love to be telling who I am while continuing to push the envelope through my music.”

*What has been one of the most memorial moments in the your music career? *

“There are so many moments, I have had an amazing timeline of events. I think the time when I made the group Dainty Kane, as well as the time I gotto work with Legend Grace Jones.”

*How would you describe your personal style? *

“I am a huge fan of pushing the envelope, I am a hippy at heart. I enjoy mixing different prints and patterns together.”

*What are your thoughts on the way African American women are portraying themselves on television? *

“I think we portray ourselves the way we want to be seen. I don’t ever want to comment on the way other women want to portray themselves. However, we all have a responsibility for the way we want to be portrayed. I was one of the them.”

*What are your thoughts on President Obama’s endorsement of same sex marriage? *

“I think everyone should be able to do what they want to do, and we can’t be the ones throwing the judgment. We should never be the ones playing God. Its up to people to decide who they want to get married to and not us. We should never be the people saying to other people you will die if you do this, we should not be the ones trying to throw them into hell.”

*Who are some of your crushes?*

“Zoe Kravitz, I love her acting, style, and modeling career. Zoe Saldana is another one of my crushes.”

*Man Crush: *

“James Dean if he were still existent he would be my man crush. He provided a sense of inspiration in fashion, and really defined the ultimate cool, to be the choices I make in my old world.”

*Tell me about your relationship with Kalena? *

“We really don’t speak right now because both of our projects are going on at the same time, we just haven’t gotten the chance since we were in Dirty Money together.”

*You talked about pushing the envelope what is one of the craziest things you are working on? *

“EP is the craziest move I have every made without any labels because the reputation of Bad Boys was so bad. This just proves how much faith and trust I have on the labels if you get the release you won’t be able to do both many times, and the opportunity to do both is just God. We had just us and that’s very different. We didn’t have a billboard top single, we didn’t have Puff and the other people that we had before. All I needed was a cracked window and I needed to crack that bitch through. So far there have been over 3000 views in the last month.”

*Do you have any advice for girls and women trying to break out of your comfort zone and do something different? *

“I never give advice because sometimes people are like O I thought you said it would work this way , and all you can say to them is I thought it was suppose to work that way.”

“I feel like its okay to get your hands dirty and people are not wanting to get dirty, because doing the right things takes longer to get to your destination. When you are driving never stop get back in the car and get to  that destination, you never want to stop driving, so many of us get out of the car and stop driving forward, its the hardest thing when no one else is in the same lane.”


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