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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “The Ultimate Workout”


*This damn job is getting on my nerves.*

Maxine put her head down on her desk. Fed up with Outlook e-mails and adults who don’t read, she dumped out her purse trying to find change for the vending machine.

A two lip sticks, an old party flyer, condoms, and two dimes landed on her files. A whole quarter short of a delicious sweet snack.

*This is bullsh*t. No, no, this is the universe telling me I don’t need to
cheat on my diet. I should work out instead to ease some of this

She’d been doing the “get fit” thing for a few weeks and only recently
added a personal trainer to her repertoire. Mark was everything she needed to maintain work out motivation. His voice was smooth, deep and encouraging. His routines were legendary. And most of all, she could see his package bulge over her when he spotted her for squats. Even in loose clothing he couldn’t hide that almond butter surprise he was keeping below the waist line.

“Focus hoe, focus”, she’d repeat to herself so that he didn’t catch her

Although he wasn’t going to be her trainer tonight, he never worked on
Fridays, she was picturing his dimpled smile. It was all the motivation she needed.

Maxine decided to walk to the gym today to help burn the calories.

Motivational posters of skinny women and food with no taste encouraged her that she could be just like them she walked into the gym. Maxine entered the locker room and changed into workout clothes. She checked out her expansive ba-dunk-a-dunk in her grey workout pants and made it jiggle a little. Laughing to herself, she pulled her long hair up into a messy bun, pressed play on the iPod and hit the main floor.

No one there but the usual – the blonde girl running on the treadmill with the speed set on “die”, a couple, and the man who makes strange noises when he lifts. She stood straddling the treadmill deciding between the “weight management” setting and the “other shit” setting when someone tapped her hand.

Mark’s big smile met hers and she paused the iPod.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. She was so glad to see him she really didn’t care WHY he was there.

“Long day,” he sighed. “Needed to relieve some stress.”

“I know how you can relieve some stress.” She mumbled thinking he
wouldn’t hear her over the murmuring of exercise machines.

“How?” his eyebrows raised.

“Huh? Umm working out. Right? It’s the gym. That’s what you gym people do.” Maxine laughed trying to recover.

“Well do you want to relieve some stress together? Working out I mean,” Mark stepped on the treadmill with her, closer to her than usual, and shut off her machine. “Come with me.”

The pair walked away from the main floor and down a small hallway.

“I’ve never been back here before.”

“You wouldn’t really. It’s for the trainers. We have our own workout
space. One of the perks,” He smiled.

Maxine wondered if she was losing her mind from the lack of sugar in her diet lately or if he was really flirting with her. Didn’t matter. When he wasn’t looking she adjusted her boobs in her tank top and checked her messy bun in the mirror.

The room was just like the main room but a quarter of the size. And empty. As she wondered around the room looking at some of the posters, she heard the door close behind her and Mark ask “Are you ready?”

She turned around to find him shirtless holding a medicine ball.

*Look at God*

Apparently she hadn’t responded because he repeated the question. “Are you ready?”

“Huh? Yea. Yea I’m ready. What are doing?”

He motioned to a mat in the corner, “Lay Down.”

Maxine sheepishly complied with his request. With his shirt off, he could have told her to bark like a dog and hop on one foot and she would have done it with a smile.

Knees up to her chest, she sat on the mat and waited for him. She crossed her legs at the ankles hoping that there wasn’t a spot of wet-attraction showing through her sweats. This man was divine. Six two, with baseball arms, smooth skin, and ab muscles you wanted to pour kool-aid on. The red kind.

He sat down in front of her and explained the exercise. They’d alternate crunches passing the medicine ball back and forth.

*Wait, we really going to work out? Oh. Damnit! *

A few crunches in, Maxine thought she might as well give up the ghost and die. This was hard and not fun. And every time Mark came up to greet her with the medicine ball she wanted to throw that damn ball out the window and tackle him.

She laid back flat on the mattress out of frustration and exhaustion.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yea, just whew. Just tired.” She mumbled through clenched teeth and told her throbbing lady parts to let it go. There wasn’t nothing going on tonight but calorie loss.

*This is why people don’t go to the gym. You leave feeling defeated or
horny. Now I’m both. *

She’d been resting on the mat with her eyes closed for a few minutes before she realized Mark was still sitting up watching her. They were toe to toe in the crunches position, but he sat up and slid his feet between hers and slowly spread her legs apart.

Maxine held her breath. “Are you ready?” he asked.

Without saying another word he pulled her by her hands on top of him. She straddles him and settled her softness on that hard almond butter goodness that was now pulsing against her.

His kiss was like lemonade to a freed slave. Sweat and arousal mixed with pure lust until their bodies could no longer contain it. In a room full of mirrors, Maxine watched as he stood behind her and made her booty bounce as she cried out in ecstasy.

His body was so strong. He lifted her and held her on the mirror. Legs up, boobs out, and the messy bun collapsed as she climaxed digging her nails in his back. He pulled back and spread his love on her thigh.

They inhaled each other’s sweat and sex for a few minutes before the lights flickered. The gym would be closing soon.

Not really sure what to say, she started getting dressed. What would she say now? That was fun? You want a protein bar? Call me?

The silence stuck in the air like his love on her thigh. Then thunder.

The panic showed on her face as she remembered she’d WALKED to the gym today. So now she got to walk home with a walk of shame. A black wet hoe in the rain, typical.

Mark reached for her hand.

“Did you walk? I drove today. I can give you a ride….again” he smiled and pulled her close to him. He slid his hands around her waist and squeezed her booty.

“Yea, yea…” she stammered. “That’s cool. I just need to grab my stuff from the locker room.”

Maxine gathered her things and headed out of the locker room. Like sunshine, Mark stood in his hooded sweatshirt and smiled again.

“Are you ready?”

Written By: Dee Rene

Check out Dee’s own blog at Laugh.Cry.Cuss.


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