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D’Angelo Brings Sexy Back For GQ


Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise. Singer D’Angelo is bring sexy back with his recent sit down with GQ magazine.

A few years ago the singer was strung out on drugs, had gained a significant amount of weight and any wondered if the “How Does It Feel” singer was no longer.

Well, ladies feast your eyes on Mr. D.

Okay now don’t get your panties in a bunch.

In his first sit down in twelve years, (Yes, Twelve!) the singer reveals overcoming his darkest hour.

“I went in [rehab] under a fake name so people wouldn’t know who I was, right? So, you know, Michael [his birth name] never got treatment. It was this other character that was in there. And the moment I left, I went straight to the f**king liquor store.”

Several months following that rehab stint D’Angelo found himself high on cocaine and in a drunken slumber resulting in a nearly fatal car crash off an abandoned road in Richmond, Virginia.  He also broke all his ribs on his left side and his manager proclaimed his career was over. That was 2005.

He says, “I didn’t really think I had a problem like that. I felt like, you know, all I got to do is clean up and I’ll be fine. Just get in the studio and I’ll be f**king fine.”

It wasn’t until 2006, however, that he’d finally seen the light when a friend, J Dilla, passed after his battle with Lupus.

“I felt like I was going to be next. I ain’t bullshitting. I was scared then. I was so fucked-up, I couldn’t go [his funeral].”

Although there are and were many trials along the way, ‘D’angelo has somehow manage to re-capture some of his former self and have even begun performing again, in smaller venues. He’s even working on his long awaited third album not yet titled.

I’m sure his fans can’t wait to hear what that will sound like.

For more on D’angelo’s interview head over to GQ.

(Photos/Story: GQ)


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