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5 Signs You May Or May Not Have A Lasting Friendship


Often times, it seems the word friend is used very lightly. Like any relationship, there are key factors in fostering a healthy, loving and meaningful friendship. If you plant it it will grow, but, if you nurture it it will flourish. The same can be said of any friendship.

Do you and your bestie have a lasting friendship? Here are 5 signs you may or may not.

  1. Trust: Being able to trust your friend is certainly at the top of the list. You should be able to feel secure enough in your friendship that whatever information you share with each other is safe. What you share in confidence shouldn’t be discussed elsewhere, and if you suspect that it is, you may need to trade in your “friend” for a new one. It is not only a violation of your trust bust also of your privacy.
  2. Honesty: Much like trust, you need to be honest with your friend and your friend need to be honest with you. Unfortunately this can sometimes mean being brutally honest. If your friend cannot tell you the truth because they fear your wrath you may not be as close as you thought. In a healthy friendship, you and your friend should be able to dish out the honest truth without fearing a backlash. Sometimes, the painful truth could be for your own good. They’re concern and it may be warranted if your actions or decisions could later bring you harm. However, being honest shouldn’t mean “intentionally” inflicting emotional pain. The truth can sometimes hurt but it may also be necessary when it’s in you or your friend’s best interest, not as a tool to hurt them in any way. Again if you’re simply being honest (or a friend is being honest with you) to inflict pain, you do not have a lasting friendship.
  3. Consistency: If you say you’re going to do something, do it! Nothing’s worse than an inconsistent friend; a friend that is unreliable. Don’t make promises you know you won’t deliver on. For your friend, this can begin to feel like a one-sided relationship, where they give, they do, but you take. If your inconsistency continues, at some point, your friend will start to realize you’re not someone they’ll want to keep around for much longer. Like any relationship, a friendship is give and take. It’s a sharing of your time, heart, mind and even your energy. Don’t take theirs for granted. Could you be that inconsistent friend?
  4. Patience: Sometimes you and your bestie will not agree or even understand each other. People have difference of opinions and disagree all the time. It’s okay to express yourself  but it’s when expressing yourself can become tricky. Sometimes you’ll need time away from each other to cool off until you’re ready to speak like two mature adults. Be patient. Doing so is sometimes all that you can do at the moment. There won’t always be a quick solution to your problems. It’s also times like these that you begin to appreciate and value your friendship. You begin to realize what made you both tick in the first place. Sometimes all it takes is time to heal your wounds.
  5. Loyalty: If you’ve vowed to be the best possible friend that you can be then, if all else fails, be loyal. A good friendship can stand the test of time and weather any storm if you just be there! That’s it. Be there. Is your bond strong enough to withstand the difficulties that may lie ahead?

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