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Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol?


Rumor has it, Jennifer Lopez may be leaving the judging panel of ‘American Idol’. Question is, do we even care?

Sure J. Lo provides great eye candy and she has immense fashion sense, but, did we ever really take Jenny from the block all that serious to begin with? Although she’s had much success under her belt, she’s no vocalist.

Her’s a theory though, Jennifer is threatening to leave idol as a ploy to get a big payout. She thinks she can get an increase from the $20 million she’s already making for her second season as an Idol judge. However, other reports also suggest Jennifer would like to spent more quality time with 4 year old twins Max and Emme, before kicking off a Latin America tour with Enrique Iglesias sometime later this summer.

Whatever the decision, I’m sure the show will go on.


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