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How “Damaged” Women Lose Good Men


“You get a good man, then you b*tches act simple.” – Troy to Robin in the movie Waiting to Exhale

If you’ve seen this movie, you know Troy wasn’t really a good man, but his point still stands.

Women out there are getting good men and then acting SIMPLE. It’s equivalent to buying a toddler an expensive toy. Although the toddler may enjoy the toy you can’t count on the toddler to have the maturity level to truly take care of and appreciate the toy.

Recently, I’ve had quite a few conversations with scorned women who are encountering good men for the first time like Aliens finally landing on Earth. And they are screwing up the situation more than ever. Are you doing the same?

Five ways you may be acting simple with a good man:

1.The Ex that Never Goes Away: Nobody, not anybody, nope not even him, wants to entertain too many stories about your ex. It’s great to provide context for why you feel certain ways or get upset over certain things but mention it once and leave it there. I understand. Your ex probably hurt you in ways that left you collapsed on the kitchen floor in a puddle of Oreos and prayer. However, a new man who is treating you well will start to wonder why you can’t seem to shake this ex in your mind and heart. Don’t give the impression that you aren’t over the past.
2. Resident of Crazy-Girl-Ville : This will make sense to you if you’ve ever been cheated on and stayed out of jail to tell the story. When you look back on the relationship with the cheater, there may have been some “warning signs” that you missed because you were so in love. Now, with the good man, you may see some of those same behaviors and fly off into a state of paranoia. Maybe he doesn’t answer your call one evening. Your ex did that same thing and he was with that hoe! Twenty minutes later you’ve sent 5 angry text messages only to discover he’d been in the shower. Oh. You’ve ruined your new relationship because you refused to move out of crazy-girl-ville.
3. Vault of Emotions: I must admit that this is my personal struggle. A good man comes along and I can only love him so much and it’s far less than the love he deserves. My past has taught me that giving my heart to a man will guarantee he returns it in pieces….

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