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Tami Roman Scared To Lose Her Main Source of Income


Tami Roman is speaking out against a law suit prohibiting the use of footage where her line of hair extensions can be used for episodes of ‘Basketball Wives’.

TMZ reports, Roman has asked that a Texas court NOT ban future episodes of the reality show from airing … because, according to her, millions would suffer.

Back in March, Roman was sued by Crème de la Crème hair company for allegedly bailing on her endorsement duties and then promoting her OWN hair line instead. The company asked the court to stop VH1 from showing any segments where Tami promoted her line instead of theirs.

However, Roman claims, in court documents, that she is, in fact, the victim because Crème didn’t pay her on time, thus breaking any obligation she had to them or their hair extensions. She has since asked the court to let the show air as is and have Crème remove her name and any likeness from any products and even pay her court costs.

At the moment a judgement has not been ruled.

I guess they haven’t realized by now Tami’s no joke.

On another note, ‘BBW’ may be in jeopardy for an entirely different reason.

Recently a petition to ban cast mate Evelyn Lozada, following the ratchetness of what the show has become, was started.

During some recent episodes, Roman and Lozada have either threatened or viciously attacked their fellow cast mates, and fans are now speaking out calling both ladies bullies. Although opinionated and at times rude, Roman hasn’t had any violent outbursts, however, Lozada has attacked two of her cast mates since the season started. Fans are outraged.

In recent years, there’s been a significant increase in teen suicides as a result of bullying, and activists and a few celebrities have come together in several anti-bullying campaigns. For many of these organizations, the violence depicted on reality television has surmounted and they’ve lost any patience with support of such behavior. As a result, Lozada has become a fixture for many of these concerns and fans have had enough.

Roman herself came to Lozada’s defense recently stating that she believes producers of the show project visuals of conflict and manipulate scenarios where altercations can arise. She has also stated that although more positive images can be shown it’s never presented in the show, perhaps to stir up more drama which will then attract viewership.

Maybe she has a point. If we didn’t watch, there would be no show right? This factor should make us wonder. Is what we see on television a mere projection of what and who we are as a society? I’d say yes. Children who bully learn from adults who bully. I’m starting to think a petition against Lozada isn’t so bad after all.

Having a difference of opinion is one thing, but once you’ve decided to place your hands on someone because you strongly disagree or don’t like what they’ve said or done, then that becomes an entirely different situation.

As for whether Lozada will be banned or some form of change in the show will arise, only time will tell.


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