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Rihanna SNL Appearance And Performances, “Where Have You Been” & “Birthday Cake”


The stages of Saturday Night Live was graced by the lovely Rihanna, performing new single “Where Have You Been” and a medley of the new #1 hit single on urban radio “Birthday Cake” and “Talk That Talk”. Although live performances is not usually her strong suit, she actually did an amazing job. Check it out for yourselves.

“Where Have You Been”

This is by far one of Rihanna’s best performances. Great job!

“Birthday Cake” & “Talk That Talk”

Wow, that Cake performance was a bit raunchy but nice save with Talk that Talk. Perhaps too Rated R for TV. She was right about one thing though, it wasn’t her birthday. But guess whose it was? It just so happen to be her ex Chris Brown‘s 23rd birthday. You think she was sending a message? If these two ever performed their joint remix together I’m sure everyone would go mad but certainly something to see. Great performance Rih!

The show was hosted by Quarterback Eli Manning. He also didn’t do so bad himself. Watch the entire show below.

Here are some more promo pics of the singer courtesy of SNL.

(Photos: NBC/Mary Ellen Matthews)


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