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Mayweather Still Undefeated In Fight Against Cotto


In one of the most challenging fights of his career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. battled Miguel Cotto ,Saturday night, and was once again named the undefeated champion of the world in his win of the WBA super welterweight title.

Although Mayweather gave, not one, but two post fight interviews and even made up with interviewer Larry Merchant after a public fall out concluding his then fight with Victor Ortiz last September, Miguel Cotto made a quick exit not providing any post fight interviews. He’s since been called a sore loser.

Cotto may be a bit down and in the outs, at the moment, but he certainly gave Mayweather a fight for his money, going round for round, for the entire 12 rounds. To say the least, the fight had everyone on their toes pondering if Cotto would be the man to finally defeat THE Floyd Mayweather Jr. When asked during his post interview if he’d been challenged Mayweather admitted Cotto had been an excellent boxer but he had to give the fans a match to watch, some form of entertainment. Was that his pride talking? Perhaps. But he’s right, the fight was entertaining and also very intense. So yes, we the fans, enjoyed every round of it! Although the numbers indicated the two boxers were neck and neck on the score card ultimately Cotto only won 3 out of the 12 rounds and by unanimous decision Floyd was once again named the champ.

*Side Note:* Was it just us or did Justin Bieber’s presence seem a tab bit out of place alongside The Money Team. If you ask me, he even looked a bit scared at times.

Overall, great fight!

(Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)


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