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5 Worst Ways To End A Relationship


Worst Ways To End A Relationship

Remember the infamous post-it note from Sex and the City? Carrie’s boyfriend broke up with her via a post it note on her computer. It was fictional-drama hell and every woman who watched it felt her pain. But what about when that happens in real life? Everyday people are breaking-up in atrocious ways. Here are a few below:

1. Text Messaging & Any Non-verbal Communication Method

    Unless you are stranded on a deserted island or fear physical violence, it’s best to break up in person. You’ve given this person your heart, soul, body and love for x-amount of time. At least have the decency to tell them to kick rocks face-to-face. Not only are you copping the easy way out, you’ve disregarded how breaking up via text or any non-verbal method will make this person feel. You’ve sum them down to being and eventually feeling disposable. Unless their a threat, you at least owe them that much.

    2. Without Warning

      A lot of times we can see the end of a relationship coming. Fights start happening, doors start slamming and calls start getting missed. It makes the conversation inevitable. However, when things are going well, you may want to start vocalizing your desires to separate before actually pulling the plug. I had a friend who went on a wonderful romantic date only to be single by the end of the night. She had no clue her boo at the time wanted to end things. It devastated her more because it came “without warning and out of nowhere.”

      3. With Lies

        Tell. The. TRUTH. Even if you think it might hurt the other person’s feelings, do not end your relationship with lies. There’s not much left to lose if you are already giving up the relationship. Stay honest and tell the other person exactly why you are leaving. Be prepared that they may react negatively but at least be able to say you were honest until the end.

        4. Through The Rumor Mill

          I once found out my relationship was ending through a mutual friend. Apparently, everyone knew but me. It’s okay to discuss your potential relationship woes with friends, but be careful that your final decision doesn’t get back to your mate prior to you revealing the big news. It’s a terrible feeling to know that everyone else knew before you did.

          5. On A Social Network

            Tacky, tacky, tacky. It’s never, EVER, okay to go on a social media fight or rant to end your relationship. What if you want to get back together one day? Deleting those tweets or status updates doesn’t erase the memory. It only shows that you are immature and may potentially block you from future romantic inquiries that took note of your rant.

            Ending a relationship doesn’t have to be a hurtful and terrible experience. Take time to end your relationship with the same decency, respect, love and care that you used to start the relationship. Karma is always watching.


            About Author

            • Bethan

              This is how my relationship ended.
              My boyfriend was supposed to meet me but didn’t turn up or text me why. He ended up ignoring me for nealry a week. Even though i tryed texting and calling him. I finally got hold of him and he said he was ignoring me so he could focus on his driving test. I later found out that he was meeting up with friends not revising for his driving test. I decided that because he was ignoring and lying to me i would end our 9month relatiosnhip. I ended it by text because he wouldn’t meet me or talk to me on the phone. He later text me back and said that he was ignoring me on purpose so that i would hate him and then dump him. He also said he didn’t how else to end the relationship without hurting me.
              I think ignoring your partner so you don’t have to do the dumping is one of the worse ways to end a relatioship.

            • Sorry that had to happen to you. I totally agree ignoring someone in order to end a relationship has to be the worst way to end one. It leaves the person in limbo and not having proper closure. No love lost. He wasn’t man enough to do things the right way and you deserve better!