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Bobby Brown On Whitney’s Death, “Maybe I Could Have Done Something Different”


In Bobby Brown‘s first exclusive interview with Today’s Matt Lauer, Brown speaks on how he learned of Whitney’s death and being surprised that she was still struggling with sobriety. He says, “maybe I could have done something different”.

He went on to say how much he loved Whitney and appreciated the years they’ve spent together. “Our relationship was great,” he said. “I had 14 beautiful, beautiful years with that woman…I can honestly say I love that woman with, with everything that I am. And I believe she loved me the same way.”

On still loving Whitney he says, “I still love her today. Even though I’m getting married, some time soon. My fiance knows how I felt about that woman. My kids know how I feel how I felt about Whitney. It’s no secret. I was in love with her deeply.”

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Part two of Brown’s interview will air Thursday.

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