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Kristen Stewart Covers UK Elle Magazine


Kristen Stewart is looking quite stunning on the cover of Elle UK. She’s pictured wearing a white knitted crop top with a matching skirt. One things for sure, she has certainly grown into quite a beauty since meeting the awkward teen a few years ago as ‘Twilight’ and the sequels that followed took flight.

In her interview with the magazine she speaks on her love for her craft as an actor, the difficulties that come along with it and being compared to that of the roles she plays and who she really is. Here’s a few of what she had to say.

On Acting:
“I f***ing love everything about [acting]. I love movies, I love what they do. I am just so fuelled by it like nothing else in my life.

“[But] I’m really boring; things I would want to read about have not happened to me. But that’s the reason you read those books and watch those movies.

The Difficulties of An Actor
“This job is just a crazy, different step forward from being able to watch a movie. It’s like I’m truly walking into someone else’s shoes, I get to live there. And I want to do that because I’m pretty sure I have something to learn each time.”

On Comparisons Between Herself & Her Roles
“I don’t apply it to the choices I make. I feel like a role model is not necessarily somebody you want to imitate, just someone you admire. I look at characters I play sometimes and think, ‘F***, I would like to be like that’.

“It makes sense to me why other people don’t just look at that person, they look at me. Anyone who happens to choose to look up to me, it’s like, ‘But I’m literally you. I’m looking up to the characters you’re admiring me for choosing’.”

For more on Kristen make sure to pick up a copy of Elle UK’s June.

Source: MTV UK


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