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Happy 1st Birthday To Dembabies, Morrocan And Monroe


Nick and Mariah not only celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows this week, they also celebrated their twins’ first birthday.

Aren’t they just precious!

In honor of their birthday momma Mariah, who was on a plane at the time, tweeted, “Singing at this altitude is almost like giving birth to twins, which I did last year on this day.. lol! Happy birthday dembabies!!

Nick followed with “One of the happiest days of my life! Watching my wife on stage on our 4th anniversary & celebrating our kids 1st birthday! On a Jet home!”

Here’s a photo of the couple as they celebrated 4 years of marriage in Paris after renewing their vows.

The couple got married in the Bahama on April 27th 2008.

And in honor of his family Nick posted this touching article about his wife and children. Take the time to read this, it’s actually really cute,  Celebrating A Wonderful Day With My Family.”


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