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Seven Sex Toys to Spice Up the Bedroom


The bedroom can get boring in a long term relationship. You’ve got the same parts, going in the same places, and there’s only so many Karma Sutra positions you can try without getting a cramp.

Why not add a little spice to your bedroom with some exciting new toys. You can find most of these toys through a quick Amazon search or on the Adam and Eve web site.

The Jack Rabbit

This is the Rolls Royce of vibrators (vibrators and dildos are different – keep reading!). It includes a rotating shaft with beads to stimulate the lips of the vagina as well. The rabbit piece (yes it’s shaped like a rabbit) has two vibrating speeds for clitoral stimulation. Turn your partner on by having them watch you use the new toy. It can be like a real-life sexy-time movie to watch you pleasure yourself with a toy that’s both interesting to watch and a guaranteed great orgasm.

Vibrating Tongue Ring

If your partner has his or her tongue pierced, this is a great toy. It looks similar to a regular tongue ring but when you attach the bottom piece, it begins to vibrate. The combination of moisture and vibration can be an incredible sensation for oral sex. You can also buy a vibrating tongue ring attachment that slides over the tongue and provides the same impact without actually piercing the tongue.

Dildos and strap ons

For lesbian couples, try a double sided dildo that you both can enjoy at the same time. There is also a dildo strap on that includes an internal piece. The piece sits in the crotch of the apparatus and stimulates the partner wearing the strap as well.

For any coupler, there is another dildo that you strap on to your head. You can have a dildo attachment on your chin and give oral sex at the same time – stimulating the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time.

A finger rimmer with a small dildo (about the size of a sharpened crayon but with more girth) can provide entertainment for couples that enjoy anal stimulation. You slide the toy onto your finger and use it to stimulate your partner anally while having sex.

A Swing

Swings provide a range a new range of motion and open the door to new positions. Imagine how much thrust or power your partner will have (or you will have) if you no longer have to hold your partner up on the door. The swing can be hung from the ceiling or attached to a door.

Wireless Underwear

What if you could give your partner an orgasm with no warning? Perhaps at the dinner table? Wireless underwear are vibrators that can be word like regular thong underwear. You give your partner the remote and go on about your day around the house. At any moment your partner could press the button and send you to the big O right as you are rinsing off the dishes.

Vaginal or Anal Balls

Perhaps the idea of a dildo is a turn off. Not everyone enjoys plastic penis. Vaginal/Anal balls look like balls on a string. You insert them into the vagina or anus and press the vibrating tool. It allows you to feel sensation throughout the canal without it being an actual penis. Some sex toy users find these balls to be more comfortable.

You can even find some that do not vibrate. The ones that do not vibrate help you build up your vaginal muscles. Use a lubricant to slide the balls in and hold them in while standing for 10-15 minutes. You will strengthen your vaginal or anal muscles and thus provide more enjoyment for your partner during your next sex session.

Liberator Wedge and Sex Strap

Let’s admit we are sometimes tired and need help maintaining those sexy positions our partner enjoys. A liberator wedge looks like a small, cushy ramp. It helps you to be more elevated for the doggy style position or to be at a new angle for different sex acts. If you are penetrating, you can reach new areas in the vagina or anus with the help of this wedge.

A sex strap can come in many forms. It’s usually a black elastic band with cuffs at the end. Your partner can use this to lift you up (while giving you a break from holding yourself up) or to tie you up. There’s also a strap that goes around the back of your neck and attaches to your feet. You can keep your legs in a certain position without exerting much effort to keep them there. Just be sure to stretch first.

There are literally hundreds of toys with different functions and all types of fun colors. Surprise your partner by introducing a little plastic joy into the bedroom. You may be surprised at all the new ways you can find to orgasm.


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