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Nas Releases “Daughters” Song, Baby Mama Goes On Twitter Rant


Nas‘ baby mama, Carmen Bryan, clearly did not appreciate his new song, released today, about “Daughters”.

In fact she’s pissed! Here’s what she tweeted.

And when a twitter follower responded, she quickly retweeted them.

She also dished out several derogatory comments to a few responders before ending with…

And there you have it.

So, what’s all this fuss about? Just listen to the song.

Do you think Carmen’s right for blasting Nas on twitter? Even if he is/was a bad father, responding so negatively in such a public forum can only bring more harm than good right?

*Update*: Initially when I was tipped off that Carmen had begun ranting, I responded to her with a few tweets of my own. Here’s what I wrote,

A few hours later, to my surprise, she replied back.

She agrees with me.

Darn it! Now I feel bad for even writing the story. But here was my respond to that.

Carmen has since gone on to respond to some of her haters.

What are some of your thoughts? sound off!


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