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The Real Reason Sheree Whitfield Quit ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’


If you watched the final reunion show of Bravo’s‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, you may have gotten a better understanding of why Sheree Whitfield may have decided to quit the show.

In the heated third and final reunion special, NeNe Leakes dropped a bomb when she revealed it was she who encouraged the producers to invite Sheree on the show. She went on to elaborate and stated that the producers felt Sheree was a tad bit boring but she insisted to let her join the cast and so they did.

In her reason for leaving the cast, Whitfield insisted she wasn’t fired but got tired of the cattiness among the women. That may very well be true, but learning your one time friend turned nemesis is the reason you were asked to join the cast in the first place certainly would hurt your pride.

Take a look at what went down.

After that revelation, I believe, Sheree really took it personal. It’s no secret her business endeavors have not been successful and she may be struggling financially. I suppose, she would rather walk away with her head held high. If you’ve followed the show since its beginning, you’ll know, she is a proud woman and likes to keep up appearances.

On the other hand, there’s NeNe, she sure can dish it but can’t take it, Leakes. Did she really need to hit below the belt like that? No. But in true NeNe fashion, she’ll gut you where it hurts.

Whatever her future holds, we wish Sheree well.

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