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‘Think Like A Man’ Movie Review, Debuts #1 Earning $33 Million


To be quite frank, no one is expected to get an Oscar nominee here, but what is does provide is a hearty laugh, and lots of it!

In short, the movie is based off the best selling book ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’ by comedian and entertainment veteran Steve Harvey. It surrounds a group of women on the “hunt” to find their special someone. While “Mya” (Meagan Good) has enlisted the 90 day rule to safeguard her heart, Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) the successful woman finds it difficult to find a decent man in her tax bracket, Kristen (Gabrielle Union) the devoted girlfriend whose spent 9 years in a relationship with a man who’ve yet to grow up is losing patience, and Candace (Regina Hall), the divorcee and single mother can’t seem to find the time to date or even meet a potential prospect.

Where do they find themselves? Let’s meet the “Player”, Zeke (Romany Malco), the “momma’s boy, Michael (Terrence J), the “dreamer” or guy with potential, Dominic (Michael Ealy), and well, here’s Kristen’s boyfriend, the “perpetual adolescent” better known as Mr. Comfortable, Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara).

Unbeknown to the men, the women have enlisted Steve Harvey and his book to assist in identifying the kind of men they’ve been dealt and just how to cope. Once the guys discover the ladies are using the book to aid in their relationship woes they decide to counteract their efforts. However, things start to go almost too smoothly. Perhaps, Mr. Harvey had some great pointers. We also meet Bennett, played by comedian Gary Ownes, the happily married man with children providing a much needed balance.

However, as things start to unravel and the ladies discover they’ve been had, they’re then left to decide if their man are worth the trouble and if there’s a few things they may need to change as well.

Kevin Hart, was a great addition to the cast, providing comical relief. Just as the plot thickens, his outbursts of a man scorned through his pending divorce was so well received. And it gets even funnier when it’s revealed his overbearing wife is talk show maven, Wendy Williams, herself. Imagine the hilarity.

The round up of cameos involved comedic, sports and entertainment vets who all had great timing, again, providing some comedic relief. Even Mya’s one night stand Kevin (Chris Brown) provided a few good laughs and eye candy with random run ins and one liners.

I give this movie a solid 4/5. And I’m not the only one who loved it apparently. The movie debuted at #1, grossing $33 million in its opening weekend! It’s done so well, it’s even bumped ‘the Hunger Games’ out the top spot with “The Lucky One” coming in second. Quite impressive, considering, the film only cost $13 million to make.

But many are wondering, should we expect a part two?! I certainly wouldn’t mind a sequel, would you?


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