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Royce Reed of ‘Basketball Wives’ & Dez Briscoe Engaged?!


Rumor has it, Royce Reed, 29, of ‘Basketball Wives’ is getting married to boyfriend Dez Briscoe, 22. Well, that’s so according to cast mate Kenya Bell.

It was just Monday night, Royce and the mother of Dez’s son and ex-girlfriend, Christina Nero, got into a heated twitter war of the words over accusations Dez is still pining for his ex. In fact, Nero posted some pretty damaging phone messages, “in Dez’s own words”, just what he’d like to do to her.

In his defense, however, Royce accused the woman of copy, pasting and forging the message photos to stir up some drama. But why would Nero go through such trouble? Well, it may be because of the hit reality show last episode. Royce and Dez, for the first time on the show, displayed their love and affection for one another and even discussed having a future together.

Could this be a woman scorned or is Royce being delusional? Not sure, but if Royce’s history with men serves right, she’s living in “la la land”. Guess, we’ll have to wait and see just how this one plays out.

At the moment, however, Royce has yet to confirm or deny Bell’s twitter message on her engagement. But, it true, congratulations! Or should I say run?


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