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The Say Something Nice Challenge: Nicki Minaj Spotted In London


After her social media meltdown, which resulted in deleting her twitter account and going missing, Nicki Minaj was spotted arriving in London recently greeting a crowd of fans.

But that’s not why we’re here. Take a look at that outfit!

The rapper paired a bright pink fur hooded jacket with blue and a Donald Duck looking pattern imprinted underneath, a white and black top with, WAIT! Is that yellow and black frills at the bottom?! #PAUSE. Then, to top it all off she wore black and white star printed leggings and snow boots!

And, of course, it was all assorted with her ever changing wig collection. This time, she opted for a long blonde wig.

Need more proof? Keep scrolling…

This last photo says it all. Nicki, you scared us too.

Someone in her camp was probably too scared to tell her the truth. Nicki, you don’t look good. I’m sorry.

We’re gonna just call her “CRAYOLA” from now on. Why? She dresses like a box of crayons!

I mean…really?! Bye Crayola…

Photos: Daily Mail UK


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